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Progression Administrations

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Progression Administrations

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  1. Advancement Services Paying with Foundation Accounts

  2. Finding Foundation Account Balance • Look at screen 074 in FAMIS for your account. • Add 3000 pool Available amt. in 94XXXX-XXXXX. • Add *Total in 48XXXX-XXXXX (negative amt. at bottom right of screen).Example:Add: 943201 $ 5,103.60Add: 483201 $-4,533.37 Balance Available = $ 570.23

  3. Paying with ProCards • Send Advancement Services the completed and signed ProCard transaction log, the original invoice(s)/receipt(s), and a copy of the JPMorgan Chase Bank statement. • Use your 48XXXX-XXXXX expenditure account number on transaction log. • Provide Purchasing Dept. authorization for computer-related merchandise. • Advancement Services prepares and sends disbursement authorization and attached documents to accounts payable.

  4. Paying On-Campus Purchases • Send Advancement Services a memo signed by your department head verifying accuracy of charge and giving short explanation of the expense and why it is appropriate to use Foundation funds. • Also, send invoice(s) and any other supporting document(s). • Advancement Services creates disbursement authorization and processes through Accounts Payable.

  5. Paying Off-Campus Purchases • Create an on-line transaction via FAMIS (L#, R#, E#). • Use FDN as sub-department code. • Provide complete, detailed description because Advancement Services only views the CANOPY Summary. • When Advancement Services approves the transaction, it is routed, via CANOPY, to your department head for approval. • Send invoice(s) and AP500 to Accounts Payable.

  6. Foundation Scholarships • Prepare a scholarship disbursement form for department head’s signature. • Use 48XXXX-XXXXX account numbers on scholarship disbursement form. • Obtain appropriate signatures as indicated on form. • Students cannot receive cash awards from Foundation scholarships.