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IEEE Robot Group

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  1. IEEE Robot Team Vision System Project Michael Slutskiy & Paul Nguyen ECE 533 Presentation

  2. Mission • Navigate 150lb Robot Through Obstacle Course

  3. Vision System Objectives • Find parts of image that the robot should not drive into • Map these parts and send them to the artificial intelligence system • Attempt to distinguish between physical objects and 2 dimensional images on the ground

  4. Success

  5. Some Combinations

  6. Binarize (note the salt and pepper noise) • Clean up image using a 5x5 Median filter • Use Sobel edge extraction and Hough transform to pick out lines • Get an image from the camera approx. 15fps • Filter out orange • Extract the blue plane for the dynamic thresh.

  7. Tarps

  8. Pass Image to AI This is the target location for the robot to navigate to in this frame.

  9. Extensions • Complete color segmentation • Aid with tarps and texture noise • Potentially better than current threshold • Template matching • Help separate objects from lines • Multi-image operations • World mapping • Planning AI instead of reactionary AI

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