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RO-MAN 2009

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  1. RO-MAN 2009 Richard Kelley

  2. What is RO-MAN? • The full name is “The International Symposium on Robot-Human Interactive Communication.” • A human-robot interaction (HRI) conference. • This was the 18th (a surprisingly old HRI conference). • HRI as an organized discipline is younger than everyone in this room.

  3. Where was RO-MAN?

  4. What was I doing there? • Talking about “Philosophical HRI” • More on what that means in a bit. • Specifically, presenting a paper on legal issues in HRI: • Schaerer, E.; Kelley, R. and Nicolescu, M., “Robots as Animals: A Framework for Liability and Responsibility in Human-Robot Interactions,”

  5. What does this have to do with HCI? • HRI is (in many, but not all ways) a subset of HCI. • Since robots are “just” computers that can sense and move. • Many of the ideas, methods, and results in HRI can be applied to HCI.

  6. But wait, what is HRI…? • Not just interfaces for teleoperating robots • But that’s a part of it… • Three main themes • Technical HRI • Social HRI • Philosophical HRI

  7. Technical HRI • Making robots that interact with people. • Heavy on the engineering, mathematics. • Example project: • Design a vision- and laser-based system that can observe humans and predict their intentions. • This was my master’s thesis.

  8. Social HRI • Studies how people actually interact with robots • Uses the methods of social science • User studies, ethnography, controlled experiments, observational studies, etc. • Example of an interesting social HRI question • “Does a robot’s use of humor have any impact on humans’ perception of the robot?” • This is a current project.

  9. Philosophical HRI • The promise of autonomous robots represents great potential, but also requires that we rethink much of our current social organization • Philosophical HRI is all about thinking (philosophically) about how individuals and society should interact with robots. • Areas: social organization, economics, ethics.

  10. Back to RO-MAN…

  11. And the stuff I talked about • The problem • When a robot and a human get into an accident, who gets sued? • The Solution • Robots as Animals • Joint works with E. Schaerer (Yale, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals)

  12. Robots as Animals • Hybrid liability regime • Strict products liability for manufacturers • Negligence for owners • But victim negligence can mitigate owner liability • Examples • Lawnmower • Car • Service robot

  13. Other neat talks… • Plenary Talks • Other cool stuff from interesting people

  14. Plenary Talk 1 • Edgar Koener • Head of Honda Research Institute – Europe • Biocyberneticist • “Learning visually guided autonomous interaction” • Highlight: Robot that can learn to recognize 150 objects under arbitrary rotation and occlusion. • Video available – search for Edgar Koener the brain-like vision. • It’s an hour though…

  15. Plenary Talk 2 • Henrik Lund • Professor, Technical University of Copenhagen • “Motivating Human Interaction with Playful Modular Technology” • Highlight: Playware blocks!

  16. Plenary 3 • I missed…  • It was about robot temporal models. • This is going to be a huge area of Technical HRI though…

  17. Other Cool Stuff • Paro • First the video • Actually only kinda cool (a bit disruptive after a while)… • Ubiquitous Display • Video • Shopping Support Robots • Video • Nao • Nao Tribute to Michael Jackson • At RO-MAN, Nao just did Thriller and Star Wars