CLACKAMAS Modern Zone: BUSINESS OUTREACH Activity June 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

clackamas industrial area business outreach initiative june 2005 l.
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CLACKAMAS Modern Zone: BUSINESS OUTREACH Activity June 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
CLACKAMAS Modern Zone: BUSINESS OUTREACH Activity June 2005

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CLACKAMAS Modern Zone: BUSINESS OUTREACH Activity June 2005

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  2. Team Effort

  3. Purpose • Business retention/assistance/expansion • Face-to-face with issues and opportunities • Enhance/provide good service • Seek opportunities to ‘tell Clackamas stories’

  4. Most (24) are manufacturers Distribution (17) Commercial (12) Transportation/Logistics (10) 55 Companies Interviewed

  5. Long term ‘residents’

  6. Small Business

  7. Business is looking up…

  8. Key influences? Industry consolidation Consumer preferences Fuel costs Defense spending Technology

  9. China • Some businesses ship to China • Some avoid any contact with China

  10. Critical Success Factors

  11. Major Issues/Barriers to Success The top five issues identified by businesses are: 1. General operating costs, 46% 2. Availability of employees, 37% 3. Competition, 35% 4. Transportation/traffic, 29% 5. Property/space constraints, 25%

  12. “The uncertainty of the Sunrise Corridor —its location and whether or not it comes—is a huge factor in our decision making.”

  13. Aha’s • “It’s not easy finding young people out of college who want to work in our industry.” (Food packaging, disposable supplies company) • “We need employees who are: Drug free, Reliable and have some Skill.”

  14. “Manual labor is a derogatory term in the public school system. But the jobs pay a living wage.”

  15. Let the education system know… • “Today’s young people are not given the exposure to trade services and opportunities for training. Education needs to start at a young age—jobs like plumbers and electricians pay very well and are in demand.”

  16. Where’s the next generation of employees? • “We need to let today’s youth know that manufacturing is clean and often high tech.”

  17. Meth Crisis • Indirect effects— • Labor recruitment and retention • On-site theft • Quality of life

  18. Issues & Opportunities

  19. How’s the C.I.A.?

  20. How are we doing overall?

  21. Important Strategies for Improvement • Contain business costs as a critical way to improve the economic climate of the area (37 - very important)

  22. Enhance transportation/reduced congestion (21 – very important) In most cases rail is not an issue….

  23. What’s the message to BCCC? • “County actions, regulations and delays have a direct impact on how our business performs and whether we continue to grow.” • “Whatever Portland is doing, do the opposite. Keep our taxes down. Be sensitive to the needs of business.”

  24. Interest in Business Assistance? • Lukewarm… • Job training and Finance • ‘Self sufficiency’ is the rule

  25. Business Forum Interest • #1-Sunrise • Regulations, utility costs • Damascus It’s about moving goods…

  26. Key Messages • “Don’t restrict us in trying to make a buck. We need a convenient location and good working atmosphere.” • “We thrive on being left alone!”

  27. “We are happy to be in this location. I’d like the Board of County Commissioners to be serious partners with business. Don’t give us ANY political rhetoric. You’ll lose our trust.” Newly located CIA business

  28. Concurrency (in the past!) Permitting process 15% Landscaping Requirements Inflexibility in requirements Most prominent concerns

  29. Accolades, too • “Clackamas has been conducive to doing business for a long time; we hope it stays that way.” • “We are very happy with Clackamas County. A good county to be in. Would locate here again.”

  30. Customized / job training, 4 ESL program assistance, 2 Utility and railroad contacts, 4 Employment Department contact information, 3 Financing programs, 5 Lean manufacturing, 4 Info/clarification on county regulations—sign ordinance, landscaping requirements, stormwater fees, 9 Special needs: Brownfield’s assistance/ info, 2 30 asked for info/helpOutcomes, to date…

  31. Removal of concurrency • Enabled 7 local business to expand!

  32. Recommendations • Policy Education Tax structure Lands/land use Utility costs Minimize regs

  33. Recommendations • County Service to Business “1 Door, 1 Form, 1 Stop, 1 Person” Business Ombudsman Customer service surveys Performance measures—turnaround time, responsiveness, etc. Track, measure, promote

  34. Recommendations • Business to Business-Limited interest Bidding and contracts Supplier directory “We’re very self sufficient. We know where to find what we need.”

  35. Recommendations • Communications and Outreach • Forums: Sunrise, Employee Recruitment, Biz Incentives, County Legislative Agenda • Regular contact—quarterly… • Annual interviews—top 10 to 20 • Continue promoting linkages

  36. Communication Recs Cont’d Tell the Clackamas stories…. • Many entrepreneurs! • Many multi-generational businesses • Brand Oregon Models • Industry Leaders….

  37. “Making the County a desirable place to do business has to be a collaborative relationship. We’re in this together. We all have to work together on roads, jobs and schools.” Clackamas County Business Owner