Framework Prerequisite for Web Video Meeting utilizing Broadband Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

infrastructure requirement for internet video conference using broadband networks l.
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Framework Prerequisite for Web Video Meeting utilizing Broadband Systems PowerPoint Presentation
Framework Prerequisite for Web Video Meeting utilizing Broadband Systems

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Framework Prerequisite for Web Video Meeting utilizing Broadband Systems

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  1. Infrastructure Requirement for Internet Video Conference using Broadband Networks Kazunori Sugiura Communication Research Laboratory(CRL) Keio University This presentation consists of 46 Pages

  2. Before I Start with my presentation:-) • My PPT Files are available at(during the session): • Available in above ftp servers during session: • Full Source code patch for IEEE1394 Interface • sender and receiver application(Binaries Only) • IPv6, RTP, Multicast, packet discard, packet monitoring • sample sources for DV driver application. ftp site: username: dv password: ieee1394 Next: Outline

  3. Outline • Why am I talking about the Video Communication Tools using Internet? • Motivation and NEEDS. • Development of Internet Video Communication tool using DV(Digital Video) and IEEE1394. • Broadband Network Availability(LAN and WAN). • Digital Output Video Interface(a.k.a IEEE1394) • Some experiment using DV Over IP. • Broadband Network Killer Applications. • May be a good application for bandwidth brokers :-) Next: Motivations

  4. Motivations • To establish a Real-time Video Conferencing system with… • High Quality Video and Audio • NTSC Quality Video • >CD Quality Audio • Broadband(High Speed) Network Availability • Target: • LAN Based Conference • 100Base-T Ethernet or more…. • Multicast Communications • Availability via WAN. • Good killer application for broadband network as … • testing queuing algorithm • Testing operating system overhead • Benchmarks and Interoperability test for switches, routers,etc... Next: IMHO:Needs

  5. Needs • I am now working(?) at CRL • Communication Research Laboratory • Communication System Division, High Speed Network Lab. • Also…. • Keio University SFC Student. • I am (still) fighting for my Doctor’s Degree • And some extras… (May be a waste of precious time?!:-) • WIDE Project Primary ( and active :-) ) NOC maintenance staff. • J-GBN… etc. ALL IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS!!! I will need a good Remote Video Conference System(s)!! Next: Remote Accessibility

  6. Location Accessibility Distance in Kilometers Tokyo Univ. CRL NTT, KDD NSPIXP… Keio University SFC Keio Mita Campus Where I Live Where hxt Lives Next: Cost for transportation

  7. Cost for transportation • From CRL to IXP Housing in KDD • From CRL to Keio SFC • If I go from CRL to IXP and then back to SFC... \1300 90min. \1200 90min. 600+700+700+1250=3250 Yen… I will need to waste more than 3 Hours for transportation I cannot afford that much money and time all the time!!!... Next: Plus more

  8. I Have a collection of… DVD movies(Nearly 300 titles and growing :-) 50% of which are not even opened. Laser discs and Collection Box.( Nearly 400 titles and growing :-) 80% of which are not even opened. Estimation of time to see all the unopened titles: {(300 x 50%) x 120} + {(400 x 80%) x 120 x 5} minutes Plus more… = about 146 Full Days…. I would like to see my Video anywhere, at anytime!! Next: Post phone

  9. What we can use for Location transparency? • What can we use for remote conference? • Telephone Conference system: • Lack of Video Availability • How about Interaction? • Consumer Video Conference System: • Expensive, Lack of performance(ISDN Based…) mobility… • Network Video Conferencing system: • Lack of Realtime interactions: • RealVideo • Performance, obsolete applications: • Vic, Vat • Lack of Multicast implementations: • Net Meeting Network Conference System is a good answer. Next: Network Bandwidth

  10. Network Bandwidth in Internet is expanding Amount of network bandwidth(Byte) 1G 100M 10M 1M 100K 10K 1990 1994 1998 2002 2004 (Year) Next: Bandwidth for Video Comm.

  11. Video communication System:Network Bandwidth Amount of network bandwidth(Byte) 100M 10M 1M 100K 10K Netmeeting DV/IP D1/IP Hi-V(D3)/IP RealVideo Next:fortunate: Our Network Infrastructure

  12. Our Network Infrastructure Tokyo Univ. CRL NTT, KDD NSPIXP… Keio Mita Campus OC-3 Keio University SFC Next: Current Video Comm tools.

  13. Current Internet Video Broadcasting System • Limitation in Network Bandwidth • Video/Sound encoding cost is enormous. • Based on Software Video format encoding. • Major Video Capture Interface: • PCI Bt848A based encoder board • Bi-directional support for Sound • Consumer application: some are NOT FREE... • Quality: Massive compression of Video/Audio • Real time Teleconferencing System • High cost equipment is required. • Realtime MPEG2 Encoder. Next: Characteristic of Internet

  14. Characteristics of Internet • best effort basis network • Network Characteristics… • Weakness in Stream media(Stream packet) • Jitter • Network Packet losses • Congestion Control Next: Requirements

  15. Summary:Requirements • High Quality Picture • NTSC Quality Video • High Quality Sound • > CD Quality Audio • Transfer without delay • Mid range bandwidth( 10Mbps and higher ) • low cost solution • minimum equipment, maximum performance Using DV would be a good solution. Next: Characteristics of DV

  16. Characteristics of DV • DV Format: • 720 x 480 Pixel • requires bandwidth over 30Mbps • when using NTSC Output video(525i) • 525 lines • 29.97 frames per second • 525p(Progressive will be available) Next: DV Frame rate and Bandwidth

  17. DV Frame rate and Bandwidth Next: System Design

  18. Our system Design • Ease of Availability • Consumer DV products • Simple IEEE1394 to IP encapsulation • Network conservation technique • Frame discarding method • packet loss, delay and jitter adaptation • Simple buffering/discarding technique Next: System Requirements

  19. System Requirements • Standard Pentium,Pentium II based PC • requires >200MHz Pentium • Intel SE440BX-2 Motherboard • NO ASUS P2B-F!!! • FreeBSD 3.2 • PCI based IEEE1394 interface card • Adaptec PCI IEEE1394 Card • Texas Instruments Chipset(PhotoDV,MotoDV) • 100BaseT PCI Ethernet NIC • Consumer DV Camcorder with DV Output • Cables Next: Software Design

  20. Software Design • Kernel patch for IEEE1394 device driver • character device Lynx,ilink • DV sender application(dvsend) • DV receiver application(dvrecv) Usage : ./dvsend [options] [host/port/ttl] <options> -v : show version number -h host : sendto host "hostname" -f rate : send full frame by 1/rate -r rate : drop packets in random pattern -I interface : use interface "interface" -b size : set SO_SNDBUF to "size" -n : do not always send audio data -m : do not send packet with same data -M interface : use "interface" for sending multicast packets -t ttl : TTL for multicast -c ch : recv from 1394 channel "ch" -p number : send with RTP payload type "number" -P port : use UDP port "port" Usage : ./dvrecv options <options> -v : show version number -m mod : mod (magic number) -f frac : frac (magic number) -I ifname : the interface to use -b frames : number of frame buffer -r size : value for SO_RCVBUF -j group : Join to Multicast group -M ifname : Multicast output interface -c ch : send to 1394 channel "ch" -s ipaddr : recv from src ipaddr -S number : recv packet with specific RTP payload number -P port : use UDP port "port" -z sync : sync Next: DV software mechanism

  21. DV Transceiver System Consumer DV Camera Consumer DV Deck IEEE1394 Cable IEEE1394 Cable Internet DV→Internet PC Internet →DV PC Next: DV IP Encapsulation

  22. DV/IP Encapsulation Sender Receiver DV recorder 1394 Header DV Application Header DV UDP DV IP UDP DV Next: Packet Format

  23. Unused (2) Sequence (2) Regulation Parameter (4) Packet Format Next: DV Packet Stream Control

  24. DV Packet Stream Control • Controlling the Packet flow of DV stream. • To conserve network bandwidth utilization... • cost for compression needs to be short • Complicated compression will require processing cost • For Video Communications... • Full frame rate Video is not required • Full quality Audio is required • But... • continuous transmission is required • loss of audio packet is innegligible. Next: Frame discarding

  25. Video Frame( 60 Frame/Sec) Video data in frame audio data in frame DV Packet with Audio DV Packet without Audio Frame Discarding • Full rate digital video stream • Half rate digital video stream • 1/3 rate digital video stream Next: Frame rate and bandwidth

  26. Frame rate and required Bandwidth MBPS 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Full 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 Frame Rate Audio Packet Video Packet Next: Receiver implementation

  27. Receiver Implementation • ability to adapt to jitters and packet drops • simply uses previous data when packet drops • ability to use multiple buffers for video frames • Receiver consists of two Unix processes • UDP packet receiving process • IEEE1394 packet sending process Next: Schematic of dvrecv

  28. IP UDP DV Internet DV Video decks. Shared Memory Frame Buffer 0 DV Data Frame Buffer 1 Frame Buffer 2 Frame Buffer n-1 IEEE1394 Packet Output Process UDP Packet Receiver Process Next: Time is up

  29. I know most of people are worrying about the next session :-) My time is UP? Sorry…. Still some slides to go... Infrastructure we have tested….

  30. Network Structure(1999/07/19) Slot 020 SM VPI/VCI=0/150 VPI/VCI=0/152 SFC Accelar 1250 SFC Bay BCN SFC Atomis 5s NTT Atomis 7M KDD Atomis 7M Slot 042 SM VPI/VCI=1/150 VPI/VCI=1/152 Slot 000 SM VPI/VCI=0/150 VPI/VCI=0/152 Slot 31 MM VPI/VCI=1/150 VPI/VCI=1/151 Slot 20 SM VPI/VCI=1/150 VPI/VCI=1/151 Slot 032 SM VPI/VCI=1/150 VPI/VCI=1/151 Atm/6/1 MM VPI/VCI=1/150 VPI/VCI=1/151 Slot 030 SM VPI/VCI=1/151 VPI/VCI=1/152 KDD Cisco 7507 SFC Accelar 1100 CRL Atomis 5S Atm5/0/0.2 MM VPI/VCI=1/150 VPI/VCI=1/152 100BaseT Gigabit Ethernet OC-3 ATM KDD Netgear 100 sw SFC Bay Switch Atm1/0.{1,2} MM VPI/VCI=1/152 VPI/VCI=1/151 CRL Cisco7200 Sender Receiver Sender Receiver Sender Receiver Next: Lab in CRL.

  31. Lab in CRL. Next: Otemachi

  32. Looking at a view of Otemachi at CRL.

  33. DV Over IP Demonstration fromOrlando Florida To Keio SFC

  34. Monitor Bi-directional communication DV to Internet PC DV to Internet PC WIDE vBNS TransPAC IP IP IEEE1394 Network Room IEEE1394 Jun Murai モニタ DV Camera CATV Transmitter DV Video Deck Video Screen NTSC Video Audio CATV DV Camera DV Video Deck AudioMixer Orlando Florida SC98 Classroom

  35. Traffic Used at SC98 Green :Orlando → Japan Blue Line :Japan → Orlando

  36. 1999/04/23 DV Over IP Experiment 1300 - 1800 JST IEEE1394 Cabling Analog Cabling 100BaseT Ethernet

  37. Inbound, Outbound Traffic

  38. Uplink Ethernet Port

  39. Internet Broadcasting Experiment

  40. Internet Live Broad and Multi-cast System PC Monitor Wireless Mic. Audio Selector Keyboard Video Input DV Video recorder Monitor, Antenna Sender PC DV Video Recorder Receiver PC Video Selector NTSC PAL SECAM RGB Scan Converter Main Power Supply Main Power Supply Rack 1 Rack 2

  41. Internet Connection in ICWES(19990727) 2/166 2/166 1/166 NTT Atomis 7M Tokyo Univ. Megalink Tokyo Univ. aa03 Tokyo Univ. aal3 0/166 1/166 KDD Atomis 7M KDD Cisco7507 JGN FORE 1/166 Internet 1/166 3F KRP Cisco7206 3F KRP Atomis 7m ASTEM Atomis 7m Kyoto Univ. 7m 1/155 24/155 24/155 ATM Line KRP 100BaseTX Ethernet

  42. Presentation in ICWES ‘99

  43. Inbound and outbound packets input (Total) output packets errs bytes packets errs bytes colls 8059 0 3782898 8112 0 4091648 0 8081 0 3794338 8085 0 4069112 0 8083 0 3794858 8084 0 4069112 0 8082 0 3794358 8085 0 4069646 0

  44. DV Conference SystemNetwork Traffic Output Octets Time

  45. Hardware Support: stability on Sony Vaio notebook iLink IEEE1394 Interface Sony Notebook PC Plug and Pray(Play) architecture implementation. Sender and Receiver in One Machine. Device Driver Optimizaion XXX Features…. Bus reset during session… XXX Operating System Support: Implementation to RTMach Realtime stream congestion control Application Support: X Window based applications Media Conversion Support Stream compression support for Thin networks. 海馬 Todo… トド 海馬 海馬 海馬 海馬 海馬 海馬 海馬

  46. Conclusion:For More Informations... You can get the latest ppt files, sources, results, meeting logs, etc. at: I would like to apologize that some of the contents are written in 伝統的日本語(Traditional Japanese) :-) English pages are also available.