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Improve Life

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  1. Make Life Better Be a Public Health Nurse

  2. What Is Public Health Nursing?

  3. Public Health Nursing Is the Practice of Promoting and Protecting the Health of Populations Using Knowledge From Nursing, Social, and Public Health Sciences. American Public Health Association, Public Health Nursing Section, 1996

  4. Most Nurses Impact the Health of Individuals One at a Time Public Health Nurses Impact the Health of Entire Communities

  5. What Do Public Health Nurses Do?

  6. Public Health Nurses Work in numerous locations in thecommunity • Their work is varied, flexible and autonomous

  7. Public Health Nurses… • Respond to emergencies including infectious diseases and natural/man-made disasters • Provide preventative health services to reduce the rate of disease • Teach groups of people about how they can be healthy

  8. Public Health Nurses… • Track occurring communicable disease and help people get treatment • Organize health fairs and preventative health screening

  9. Public Health Nurses… • Work with schools regarding health and development of students • Educate the community about environmental issues such as food safety, lead, and clean air and water

  10. Public Health Nurses… • Collaborate with advisory boards and coalitions to promote health • Participate in monitoring health care institutions to assure quality care is provided

  11. Public Health Nurses… • Link people to community programs and services • Advocate for people who need assistance • Participate in developing policies and quality assurance activities

  12. Public Health Nurses… • Work with business and industry to help their employees be healthier • Assist individuals with special needs such as the elderly, disabled and children.

  13. Where Do Public Health Nurses Work?

  14. Public Health Nurses are Employed by: The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services (MDHSS) and City or County Agencies in the Community.

  15. Where Do I Find Information About Becoming a Public Health Nurse?

  16. Contact --- The Department of Health & Senior Services at or call 573-751-6170 Or The Local Public Health Department in Your Community

  17. THANK YOU!!!!