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american college of nurse midwives l.
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American School of Medical caretaker Birthing specialists PowerPoint Presentation
American School of Medical caretaker Birthing specialists

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American School of Medical caretaker Birthing specialists

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  1. American College of Nurse-Midwives The Division of Accreditation

  2. Origins of the Division of Accreditation • Compilation of data on education as early as 1920’s • Mentioned in 1955 Incorporation of ACNM Articles of Incorporation • In 1957, Hattie Hemschemeyer suggested a “Committee on Curriculum and Accreditation”

  3. Evolution • 1965 ACNM Committee for Approval of Educational Programs • 1974 ACNM Division of Approval • 1984 ACNM Division of Accreditation

  4. Division of Accreditation Chairs

  5. Selected Accomplishments • In 1982, the Division of Approval was nationally recognized US Secretary of Education • In 1996 preaccredited first program for non-nurse midwives • Currently implementing institutional accreditation in addition to accrediting individual programs

  6. The Division of Accreditation The Division of Accreditation ensures the profession that ACNM DOA accredited programs meet standards of excellence in their educational preparation of practitioners and reflect in their curricula the identify and scope of practice the profession has defined.

  7. 1958-1959 First Chair Tentative Criteria Developed 1959-1965 Criteria developed Policies and Procedures Wrote first SER in 1966 Cecila SehlRuth Coates Beeman

  8. 1967-1974 Facilitated reviewing all the programs Set the stage for national certification of graduates 1974-1976 First Chair of the “Division” Formalized Structure Developed Standing Rules of Procedure Eunice K.M. Ernst Ann Mehring Koontz

  9. 1965-1966 Finalized Policies and Procedures for the Approval of Nurse-Midwifery Programs 1966-1967 Began process of formal review of all nurse-midwifery education programs Laurette Beck Miriam Cole

  10. 1976-1982 Recognition of ACNM Division of Approval by the US Secretary of Education 1982-1987 Coordinated the work of four units of Division of Approval which became Accreditation Maureen Kelly Colleen Conway-Welch

  11. 1987-1991 Delphi approach to establish competencies for non-nurses 1991-1999 Publication of Skills, Knowledge, Competencies and Health Sciences Prerequisite to Midwifery Practice Criteria for preacceditation and accreditation of basic midwifery education Joyce Roberts Helen Varney Burst

  12. 1999-2004 Presented at ICM in Vienna resulting in international interest Initiated Institutional Accreditation 2004-Present Continuing issues of Institutional Accreditation International Accreditation Betty Watts Carrington Diane Boyer