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iMET Tool kit

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  1. iMET Toolbox Introduction to Blogs

  2. iMET Toolbox: Blog blog-0-rama WebLog bloggers blogosphere edublog blogmania blogging

  3. iMET Toolbox: Blog • Introduction to Blogs • What is a blog? • Current state of the blog-o-sphere. • How are blogs being used in the classroom? • How will we use a blog in EDTE 280? • How can I create my own blogger account?

  4. iMET Toolbox: Blog • What is a blog? A blog is an online diary or journal on the web. Accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection. • The word ‘blog’ is a shortened version of the term ‘WebLog’. web log >>> weblog >>> we blog >>> blog • See Wikipedia for a detailed history.

  5. iMET Toolbox: Blog • Current state of the blog-o-sphere. Blogs are changing the journalistic and political landscape by enabling writers across the world to express their views on a worldwide scale. Anyone, anytime, anywhere can publish their thoughts and ideas to a global audience.

  6. iMET Toolbox: Blog • Technorati – search engine for blogs • Weekend Edition Saturday, August 12, 2006 · A "state of the blogosphere" report from Technorati founder Dave Sifry says 175,000 new blogs are created each day. Sifry finds that about 55 percent continue blogging on a regular basis. The blogosphere is doubling in size every five to seven months.

  7. iMET Toolbox: Blog • Why use a blog? A blog provide a convenient place for spontaneous writing, a place to record and/or share ideas with others. Blogs provide a forum to express views. Others can be invited to participate in the discussion thereby increasing the level of discourse. • Currently 51.9 million blogs (8.12.06)

  8. iMET Toolbox: Blog • How are blogs being used in the classroom? • Websites • Journals • reflective writing (personal or with students as part of a classroom assignment.) • to keep a record of events • to record observations for your research project (hint, hint…)

  9. iMET Toolbox: Blog • Examples: • Mrs. Dibble’s Chemistry Class • My Action research journal

  10. iMET Toolbox: Blog • How will we use a blog in EDTE 280? • iMET9 – Needs, Wants, Gots!!! • • How can I create my own blog account?

  11. iMET Toolbox: Blog • How can I create my own blogger account? • How to: • Create your own blog (tutorial link is located on the right hand side of the iMET 9 Needs, Wants, Gots!!! Blog) • Tutorial

  12. IMET Toolbox: Blog • IMET 9 blog • The ‘wants / needs / gots’ blog is located at • When we have your email address you will be added as a member. Then you will be able to create and respond to posts.

  13. IMET Toolbox: Blog • Go ahead - create your own blog and start blogging! • Blogger: • Tutorial: