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Portable Clinical Assets 101 PowerPoint Presentation
Portable Clinical Assets 101

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Portable Clinical Assets 101

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  1. MobileClinicalResources101

  2. Getting Started

  3. Mobil devices in healthcare education • Primary reason for insistuing handheld devices for Nursing studnets • Proivde an electronic reference tool • Providean electronic journal • Proivde leanirng expereinces with elctronic tools in the clinical area • Familairze studnets wth drop screen sin ele

  4. Hardware Purchase i Pod-Touch, (preferred) I Phone

  5. Software Purchase Options Discount page for USD on the Skyscape web site To order products at a reduced cost Bookstore Purchase software bundles from the computer section in the bookstore. You will receive a serial number which will allow you to download the package from the Skyscape web site

  6. What you will need: • iTunes installed on your computer and an iTunes account. • If you don!t have iTunes, go to www.apple.com/iTunes to download and install iTunes. • Access to a WiFi (wireless) network. • A Skycap account. This account does NOT have to be created before you begin the procedures below. You can create it during the installation process. Procedures for installing the Nursing Skycape software: • 1. Plug your iPod Touch into your computer and sync the iPod with iTunes • 2. Connect your iPod Touch to your WiFi network 1. From the Home Screen, click the settings icon and it looks like this ! 2. Click on Wi-Fi and log into your Wi-Fi network of choice 3. If you are on campus make sure you are connecting to the “USD” network (not "USDGUEST#) - you must open Safari on your iPod Touch and enter your school user name and password to connect your iPod Touch to the internet. 3. Once connected to the internet, launch the App Store ! The App Store icon looks like this: ! 4. Search the App Store for "Skyscape Medical Resources# 5. Install the free version of this app - do not select the $1.99 version! The free version will include Outlines in Clinical Medicine, Archimedes, and Medalter. 6. You will be prompted for your iTunes account name and password - enter these to download 7. Once the download is completed, tap on the new Skyscape application icon 8. Click "Create Skyscape Account# - this will launch Safari, your iPod Touch#s web browser 9. Next, create your Skyscape account 10. When finished click the home button (below the screen) 11. Launch Skyscape app 12. Download "Outlines in Clinical Medicine#, "Archimedes#, and "Medalert# - these are free 13. When done click "Tools# 14. Click "Install Resources# 15. Enter serial numbers provided by the USD Bookstore

  7. Skyscape Serial Numbers Skyscape uses serial numbers for Product registration – here is an example: YDVWWE-NR5KAL-YTB8PZ One serial number may contain registration information for multiple products Serial numbers for multiple products can be rather long strings Serial numbers do not contain 0, 1 or 2 They use o, i or z instead Serial numbers are not case sensitive Ignore the dashes when typing the serial number

  8. Before Installing Skyscape Resources Create Account with Skyscape or update your profile www.skyscape.com/register If you already have Skyscape profile, login to your account It is vital that your email address is current as important information is sent to this account. If you do not have an account with Skyscape create a new one at this point

  9. Using iPhone or iPod-Touch to Access Clinical References

  10. iPhone vs iPod-Touch iPod-Touch iPhone

  11. Overview Step 1 – Installing the I Phone Reader This is a free application on the App Store Requires an account with iTunes Step 2 – Installing the resources This requires serial number(s) for the products (bundles) purchased Step 3 – Keeping your content up to date

  12. Installing the iPhone Reader(WiFI or OTA) iTunes account has to be created with Apple App Store to use Skyscape Resources This requires a Credit card; however once the iTunes account is created your credit card may be disabled in iTunes The next step is to download the iPhone reader to your device This is free application on the App Store The only way to install Skyscape resources on the iPod-Touch is using WiFi connection

  13. Installing the iPhone reader using WiFi or OTA Step 1 » Choose the App Store icon in the home screen Step 2 » Type “Skyscape” in the search bar and choose “skyscape medical resources

  14. Step 4 » Download the App by tapping on the Free button Step 3 » Tap the screen to choose the Skyscape Medical Resources

  15. Step 5 » Enter your Apple ID (iTunes username) and password and choose "OK" to proceed Step 6 » Download Begins – Notice the progress bar at the bottom of the icon

  16. Step 8 » You must enter your Skyscape credentials to continue Step 7 » Tap the Skyscape icon to continue

  17. Step 9 » Skyscape offers few resources free of charge, which may be downloaded in addition to the required titles. Choose download to continue

  18. Installing iPhone reader – via iTunes Install iTunes on your desktop Search for Skyscape Medical in the App Store Click Get App iTunes ID and Password are required Sync iPhone/iPod-Touch to your desktop

  19. Installing Skyscape Applications on iPhone and iPod Touch Make sure WiFi is enabled Touch the tools icon Select Install Resources Skyscape account information and serial number is required to download resources On the iPhone resources can be downloaded OTA

  20. Check for Updates This should be done at least once a month This can be done OTA on the iPhone iPod-Touch requires WiFi connection

  21. iPhone Tips and shortcuts

  22. iPhone Tips To change the font size of the topic view Double-tap on the topic view and it will cycle through the font sizes. Currently there are 3 sizes. Or Go to Home screen and go to the Tools tab and tap on Settings->Font Size Most references have more than one index Go to the Index and tap on the drop arrow at the top next to the index name. This will pop a list of index and table of content that is available in the reference SmartTabs  on the right. A reference might have more sections than what is visible in the tabs. Remember last view From the Home screen, go to Tools->Settings->Remember last view and set this to ON.  Henceforth when you exit the app it will remember where you were History is available from the History item from the toolbar at the bottom when you are within a reference. History is retained across a session

  23. Apple App store • Numberous Ipod Apps for medical and nursing • Some are free….most are not

  24. Words of caution • Behave in a professional manner when utilizing mobile devices • Do not take or make phone calls while in the clinical areas. (excuse yourself) • Be polite when utilizing the reference functions in front of others (do not behave distracted with patients) • Do not listen or watch video files while in the clinical areas on any handheld device. • This is a clinical tool. • Under no circumstances are you to utilize a camera device in the clinical areas.

  25. HIPPA • Health Insurance Portability and accountability Act • Law governing patient medical information and secure electronic billing to Medicare • Requires health care agencies (hospitals, clinics, medical practices) to have clear polices and training on protecting patient information.

  26. AB 211 • California assembly bill 211 health gives the sate the ability to asses and fine Individuals or agencies) for unauthorized leaking of patient information (see Britney Spears and M. Schriver) • The scale of fines range from $25,000 to $250,000 against health facilities and individuals for every time they inappropriately obtain, use or disclose medical information.

  27. Tech. support • Apple, for your Ipod or I phone hardware support • Skyscape for your bundles or for N –Track software • Jason Balagtas, USD Hahn school of nursing, leaning lab tech support