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supply chain channel management l.
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Store network and Channel Administration PowerPoint Presentation
Store network and Channel Administration

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Store network and Channel Administration

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  1. Supply Chain&Channel Management

  2. Learning Objective: Give Participants Meaningful Experience • Integrating demand and supply activities across firms • Developing business to business relationships • Working with and managing a supply chain/channel • Developing insight into • Selling - Purchasing • Negotiating Business Deals - Managing Conflict • Cultivating Trust - Using Power • Managing Dependence - Applying Influence • Delivering Service Quality - Dealing with Ethical Issues

  3. Game Scenario Each firm can choose to be either a reseller or a supplier.

  4. Resellers Can Setup 3 Regional Web Centers for e-Commerce, and/or 12 International Sales Offices

  5. Suppliers Can Setup a Factory in Any of Three Locations

  6. Suppliers and Resellers Have Specialized Functions and Must Work Together to Satisfy the Market Reseller Supplier Market Research Capacity Investments Production Scheduling Lean Manufacturing Quality Control Financial Management Market Research Marketing (brand, price advertising) Sales Channel (web, offices) Sales Force Management Financial Management Negotiations Quantities & Prices Shipping Options Supply Chain Improvements Special Payments

  7. Channel Relations Are Free To Form and Dissolve Suppliers Resellers 1 1 End Users 2 2 3 3 n n

  8. The completepresentationis available toregistered instructors.