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  1. Michael Chang By: Chutima Yang Per.6

  2. Introduction • Chang is know for his hard work, determination, good eye-hand coordination, timing, and balance. Those things help him become an international celebrity before he was even in his twenty.

  3. Information • Chang is a former American professional tennis player. He is the youngest male winner of the Grand Slam singles, and he was also inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. • He was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA on February 22, 1972. He retired in 2003 and he earned $19,145,632 when he was still playing tennis. His Chinese name is Zhang Depei and he is a Chinese American Christian. In order for him to come this far he drop out of high school to pursue a professional tennis career.

  4. Family • Change is born to Betty (Tung) and Joe Chang. His parents both grew up in Taiwan. They fled Taiwan because of the revolution. Michael's Chinese name was chosen by his father and his English name by his mother. He have a older brother name Carl Chang. Chang married Amber Liu, another professional tennis player who is 12 years younger than Chang.

  5. Childhood • Chang’s father taught him and his brother to play tennis, also his father taught them ping pong when they were not on the tennis court. When Chang was 15 year old he was pursued by many agents. He only attend school about two days a week because of travel, but he passed his high school equivalency exams and passed his SAT’s.

  6. Career • Chang came to the tennis world's attention as a junior player who set numerous "youngest-ever" records. His most significant record came in 1989 when he won the French Open at the age of 17 year old. His tennis records are for singles are 662 wins and 312 loses , and for his doubles it is 11wins and 33 loses .

  7. Accomplishment • Chang is remember as youngest-ever male winner of the French Open in 1989 at the age of 17 and was rank world No.2 in tennis. He was very popular in Asia. In 1990 he captured the Volvo International tournament title. He even help the USA tennis team to advanced in the Davis Cup finals, and they went on to win the Davis Cup that year.

  8. Reflection • I feel that he is confident about the choices he made and the determination he put into playing tennis. For me to work as hard as him is impossible. I like his saying “There are no shortcuts to life, hard work is the only way to go”.

  9. Source • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Chan