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My Most loved Groups

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My Most loved Groups

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  1. My Favorite Bands Here is a list of some of my favorite bands and a few facts about them.

  2. Creed • During the summer of 2002, I saw Creed live in concert four times. I also met the guitarist of Creed! His name is Mark Tremonti. • Creed has released three albums. Their second album entitled “Human Clay” has sold over 10 million copies.

  3. Metallica • Metallica is a Heavy Metal band that has been around for over 20 years. • They have released nine albums in their long career and are due to have one out very shortly. • They will be touring this summer. Make sure you catch them live in concert!

  4. 12 Stones opened for Creed during their tour in 2002. They are also signed to the same label (Wind-Up). They are a relatively new band with a heavy sound. Go get their self- titled debut album. I highly recommend it! 12 Stones

  5. Linkin Park came together in 1996. Linkin Park’s first LP entitled “Hybrid Theory” was released in 2000. They just released their second album entitled “Meteora” last month. It is currently #1 on the billboard top 200. Linkin Park