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  1. dancing !

  2. Types of dancing. contents Types of dancing does room 18 like ? Hip-hop Rock n roll funk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 disco Most modern dance Out of the newspaper Which dance is for who? The end !!!!

  3. How many typs of dancing are there ? I found… 59 different types of dances! { on next page. }

  4. Foxtrot, waltz, cha cha, rumba, quick step, jive, samba, leroc, rock n roll, west coast swing, jitter bug, lindy hop, salsa, mambo merengue, argentine tango, ballet, tap, jazz, hula dancing, tango, ballroom dancing, square dancing, Cheerleading, hip-hop, aerobic, push play/ jump jam, brake dancing, belly dancing, Indian dancing, capoeira, crocadile rock, line dancing, ceroc, dances port, disco, funck, pole dancing, irish dancing, creative dance, moden dance, Kupahucka, Flamenco, westen, twist, swing dance, rumba, pollea, peabody, hustle, bolero, poso doble, polka, multicurtural folk, fresyle, krump dance, swing, country dance, persian dance, swing dance, east cost swing.

  5. What types of dancing does room 18 like ?

  6. hip-hop

  7. There are 56 styles of Rock n Roll dancing. This dance is as alive to day as it was back in the 50's and 60's. rock n roll is a good dance to learn because you can dance by your self or with a pair. Rock n Roll

  8. The dance disco first come out in the70 and is still is out now, but with a new twist. It is now a sort of boogy dance. But it used to be a sharper dance DISCO !!!!

  9. funk

  10. what is the most modern dance ! The most modern dance is !!! HIP-HOP, because most young people do it and it is very common.

  11. out of the news paper It will be in my hand! A few girls took classes for a new type of dance which features ballet and hip-hop, one of the girls Sharman age 18 said the dance is a great way to unwind after a hard year of training. It has a good mixture of dancing and also some times features tap.they come up with the idear to put these dances together because as little children they had enjoyed both these dances.

  12. what type of dancing are best for boys/girls? It is more of a chose to what type of dancing you like best, it doesn’t matter if you are girl or a boy because the are capable of the same things

  13. The End!

  14. my made up dance Hip-rollzz This dance is a combination between hip-hop, rock n roll and jazz. It will be sharp and strong dance. Both boys girls men and women.