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The new recognitions

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The new recognitions

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  1. The new diplomas The Advanced Creative and Media Diploma

  2. 2005 14-19 Education and Skills White Paper The new diplomas have been developed in collaboration with employers and HE The intention is to • provide access to skilled employment and HE • meet the skills needs of the economy

  3. Diploma Development Partnerships DDPs - employers, FE, HE and schools led by Sector Skills Councils Awarding bodies are developing diplomas in partnership with DDPs Diplomas will be accredited by the QCA

  4. Other education reforms A levels will be made more challenging through • open-ended questions • an A* grade. The Extended Project (part of the Advanced Diploma) will be an option alongside A level courses.

  5. Timetabling Schools and colleges are forming partnerships to ensure that the needs of all students can be met A diploma student is likely to attend more than one institution as part of their weekly timetable.

  6. Diploma content The diplomas will combine academic and practical learning in a similar way to BTEC They will also include • functional skills • personal, learning and thinking skills • a wide variety of options.

  7. Diplomas will be developed in 17 ‘lines of learning’. For teaching from September 2008 • Construction and the Built Environment • Creative and Media • Engineering • Information Technology • Society, Health and Development

  8. 2009 Business, Administration and Finance Environmental and Land-based Studies Hair and Beauty Studies Hospitality Manufacturing and Product Design 2010 Public Services Retail Sport and Leisure Travel and Tourism 2011 Science Languages Humanities Other subjects

  9. Foundation Higher Advanced Progression worth 5 grades D-G GCSE worth 7 grades A*-C GCSE worth 3.5 A-levels maximum 420 UCAS points worth 2 A-levels aimed at those who cannot complete a whole Advanced Diploma Different diplomas

  10. Principal learning Generic learning Additional and/or specialist learning related to sector title functional skills - English, maths and ICT employability skills extended project 10 days' work experience allows student to specialise Components

  11. Assessment • each of the components are qualifications in their own right • overall grade calculated from principal learning and project • must fulfil the requirements of other parts of the course

  12. The Advanced Creative and Media Diploma Four core themes • 1 creativity in context • 2 thinking and working creatively • 3 principles, processes and practice • 4 creative businesses and enterprise

  13. Principal learning Six units • Capture • Show • Interaction • Commission • Evaluation • Investigation

  14. Personal, learning and thinking skills • independent enquiry • creative thinking • reflective learning • team working • self-management • effective participation

  15. Additional and specialist learning Accredited qualifications at the same level as, or one above, the Diploma. Additional - qualifications from other sectors Specialist - qualifications from the same sector It may include • qualifications available to those not taking the Diploma • qualifications specifically developed to be part of the Diploma.

  16. The future of the diplomas 2013 government review of all 14-19 qualifications including A levels. General concern that diplomas are seen as ‘second-best’ vocational qualifications for the less academically able. Schools have concerns over • complexity of the diplomas • timetabling students on different sites • availability of work placements.