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milestones in the auto industry l.
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Turning points in the Automobile Business? PowerPoint Presentation
Turning points in the Automobile Business?

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Turning points in the Automobile Business?

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  1. Milestones in the Auto Industry? • At the dawn of the auto industry in late 19th century Electric Vehicles had a large market share – competing with gasoline and steam powered vehicles • Genius of Henry Ford – invention of the assembly line gave the gasoline vehicle lock-in on automobile market that it has held for close to 100 years; • In late 1970’s/ early 80s (following first oil embargo) Japanese auto industry introduced small, high-efficiency vehicles – increasing market share in N. America; • From 2005 – 2008 seen new renaissance of Electric Vehicles – top 20 OEM auto companies plan to launch some type of Electric Vehicle in next 1-3 yrs • 40 start-up EV companies in N. America & Europe • In China - 500 companies involved in e-mobility

  2. Batteries assembled from thin layers of cathode, anode and separator material with gel electrolyte

  3. Battery Developments • Lithium is preferred chemistry – 5 times energy density at one quarter of the weight of lead acid • Issues are energy density (driving range) and power density (acceleration) • Concerns are price – target $0.50/W • Safety – some lithium batteries had safety issues – new chemistries solved this problem • Perform – calendar life and cycle life

  4. Smart Electric Car – Electrovaya Shows the size of the motor/powertrain and lithium polymer battery pack

  5. iMiEV driven 858 km – consumes 85 kWh – cost Y1,713 - = $16.94 • ICE vehicle – gas cost Y12,956 = $121.34

  6. Project Better Place • Uses new concept – car as a transportation service – based on cell phone business model;·Pure battery electric vehicle developed by Renault Nissan·Infrastructure of charging stations – powered by renewable energy/ solar/wind?·Battery exchange stations·Software to control the charging / exchange process • Israel, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Australia signed up plus several cities

  7. Project Better Place

  8. Need to break oil dependency We have to get off oil – the electrification of the automobile is inevitable - Bob Lutz, GM Vice President ‘Fossil fuels will face increasing competition from renewable energy – ultimately we may leave oil in the ground – like coal - Lord Brown Chairman Shell UK

  9. Price at the gas pump main driver for electric vehicles? $4/gallon in North America but $8 - $12 in Europe – despite speculation causing swings, general trend is up

  10. Expect competition from traditional auto industry • Shift to smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles - Tata Nano – 620 cc rear petrol engine - retails for $2,500 – 20km/l – meets Euro IV standards • Shift to diesel, direct injection, spark ignition • Demands from developing markets, China, India – 1 –10M vehicles/year

  11. 30 mile range – runs on water + biomass – end of life can recycle into food chain

  12. Feature of EVs is the low operating cost – even the UK Electric Lightning – www.lightningcarcompany.co.uk The drumbeat of electrical transportation is accelerating like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life – Andy Grove, ex CEO Intel