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O nce upon a birthday . . . PowerPoint Presentation
O nce upon a birthday . . .

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O nce upon a birthday . . .

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  1. Once upon a birthday . . . Aroyal celebration was declared on Saturday 13th of May for the entire enchanted kingdom. Therewas a noble child named Davison P. who became a fanciful five year old. at 123 Your Address making merry from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

  2. You will accomplish something more than favor, fun or duty, By choosing to honour King Davis request, in lieu of Kingdom Gifts. Birmingham Children’s Hospital All of the Lords and Ladies of the realm dressed in their finest Kingdom clothing to attend the crowning ceremony and anxious to behold a day of fun and games. To be in good favour with the King, please make your 100% tax-deductible cheque payable to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and bring it with you to the royal event. Merlin the Magician was rumored to be there, To help find the treasure that all would share.

  3. And when its time to bid you fond farewell, The Pearce family graciously thanks their guests and hopes they all will live HappilyEver After! Sir Lancelot will lead us in the games and unite the noble family's of the realm. THE END Regrets 555-5555 Together we will dine at the buffet feast. Pizza and Kingdom Cake to say the least. Alternate Rain Date: 20th May Invitations by MelissaV