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U.S. General Administrations Organization

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U.S. General Administrations Organization

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  1. U.S. General Services Administration “How to Become a Federal Supply Schedule Contract Holder” Presentation By Pamela Smith-Cressel Regional Small Utilization Office Pacific Rim Region

  2. Pacific Rim Regional Small Business Center Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada Regional Small Utilization Office Phillip Burton FOB & Courthouse 450 Golden Gate Avenue, Room 5-6535 San Francisco, CA 94102 Carol Honore & Lori Falkenstrom 415-522-2700 **************************************************** Los Angeles Regional Small Utilization Satellite Office 300 N. Los Angeles Street, Room 3108 Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213)894-3210 Pamela Smith-Cressel

  3. Regional Small Utilization Office’s Mission As GSA ‘s small business advocate, we will engage in strategies that provide opportunities for small (including small business located in HUBZones, minorities, veteran, and women-owned) businesses in government procurement.

  4. Boston, MA New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL Kansas City, MO Ft. Worth, TX Denver, CO San Francisco, CA Auburn, WA Washington, DC GSA’s Small Business Centers Regional Partners Small Business Centers are located in these 11 major metropolitan cities, including a satellite center in Los Angeles, CA.

  5. Top Ten Federal AgenciesFY 2002 Total Procurement Dollars(dollars in billions) Source: Federal Procurement Data System/SBA, Office of Government Contracting, 4/16/02

  6. GSA Small Business Program Goals FY 2003 40% - for prime contract awards to small business 8% - for prime and subcontract awards to small businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals 5% - for prime and subcontract awards to small business owned and controlled by women 3% - for prime and subcontract awards to small businesses located in qualified Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) 3% - for prime and subcontract awards to small business owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans 2% - for prime and subcontract awards to small business owned and controlled by service veterans

  7. GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATIONSmall Business Program Goals AchievementsPacific Rim Region Fourth Quarter – Fiscal Year 2002(Dollars are in Thousands <000>) Note: This report shows small business procurement activity in FY 2002 (October 1, 2001, through September 30, 2002).

  8. NevadaTotal Federal Procurements • In fiscal year 2002, the Federal Government spent $1,154,567,000 in the state of California. California ranked 27th.

  9. Nevada Top Five Counties • 1. Clark • 2. Washoe • 3. Mineral • Churchill • Elko

  10. Nevada Top Five Agencies 1. Department of Energy 2. Department of Defense 3. Department of Interior 4. Department of Veterans Affairs 5. Department of Transportation

  11. NevadaTop Contracting Agencies • Energy, Nevada Operations Office, Las Vegas • Energy, Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Mgmt, Las Vegas • USAF, 99 CON/CC, Nellis AFB • Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, Boulder City • Army, USPFO for Nevada, Carson City

  12. NevadaTop Defense Agencies Contractors • Sierra Nevada Corporation • The Day & Zimmermann Group Inc • Lockheed Martin Corporation • Solar Electric Inc • All Star Services Corporation • Ace Engineering Inc • Sierra Pacific Resources • Tyco International LTD • Opportunity Village association • Chenega Corporation

  13. Nevada Top Civilian Agencies Contractors 1. Bechel Group Inc 2. Science Applications International 3. The IT Group Inc 4. The Wackenhut Corporation 5. Management and Training Corp 6. P C Specialist Inc 7. Navarro Research & Engineering 8. Group 4 FALCK A/S 9. The Shaw Group 10. University & Community College

  14. GSA’s Mission We help Federal agencies better serve the public by offering, at best value, superior workplaces, expert solutions, acquisition services and management services Public Buildings Service Federal Technology Service Federal Supply Service

  15. Public Buildings Service • Lease • Construction • Building Services • Security Services • A/E procurement opportunities are not available through Schedules

  16. Federal Technology Service Telecommunications Services and Equipment Network Services Information Technology Solutions

  17. Current IT Schedule-70 Contracts • Total Awards - 3,700 Contracts • IT Professional Services - 2,700 Contracts • Leasing - 67 Contracts

  18. IT Sales Trend ($ in Billions) 13 10.9 9.3 6.9 4.0

  19. Federal Supply Service • Office Supplies and Equipment • Paper Products • Scientific Equipment • Paints and Chemicals • Automated Data Processing Equipment and Services (Software, Training and Integration) • Motor Vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, ambulances, etc.) • Furniture (office and household) • Hand Tools and Appliances • Office Furnishings

  20. Federal Supply Service • Services (EEO, Travel and Transportation, Organizational Management, Financial Management, Temporary Clerical Support, Conference Planning, Temporary Professional Support, Health Care Cost Recovery, Asset Management)

  21. GSA- Buying Green for a Better Environment Steven M. Clark (415)522-3372 steve.clark@gsa.gov

  22. GSA’s Commitment to the Environment Carry out social, environmental, and other responsibilities as a federal agency.

  23. Why Buy Recycled? IT'S THE LAW!

  24. GSA’s Environmental Initiatives • Buying Green through Affirmative Procurement • Building Green through Sustainable Design • Energy Conservation • Waste Reduction • Recycling

  25. Buying Green through APP • APP = Affirmative Procurement Program • APP is GSA’s strategy for maximizing our purchases of: • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) • Biobased products • EPA-designated CPG(Comprehensive ProcurementGuideline) items • APP = Buying Green

  26. What is APP Really? • APP is the federal government’s blueprint for purchasing supplies and materials that have a reduced impact on the environment. • APP embraces an environmentally-friendly strategy for doing business, incorporating sustainable design into purchasing decisions.

  27. What is the Pacific Rim Region’s APP? • RA signed regional APP in • November 2000. • Regional APP includes a preference program, promotion program, procedures for vendor estimation, certification and verification, and annual review, monitoring and reporting.

  28. GSA Pacific Rim Region’s Preference Program • Purchasers must: • Show a preference for CPG items, EPP, and biobased products; • Perform APP product review; • Justify in writing any “non-green” purchase; • Insert the proper FAR clauses; and • Use GSA Advantage!

  29. Regional Promotion Program • Regional training provided in APP and Sustainable Design • RCRA Report is the mechanism for reporting green purchasing. • Provide GSA and its contractors information about green products, from sources such as: • EPA bulletins, fact sheets, and RMANs; • State and local gov’t resources; • www.usgbc.org (US Green Bldg Council) and other green building websites

  30. Regional Promotion Program (continued) • Encourage the use of green specs in leases and contracts, life cycle cost analyses, and e-business. • Encourage contractors to use electronic commerce/electronic data exchange, and to maximize the use of double-sided recycled content paper for document submissions. • Recognize achievements in green purchasing through GSA Environmental Awards Program.

  31. Obtain Copies of the….. • Federal Acquisition Regulation(www.arnet.gov) • General Services Administration Acquisition Manual(order from the Government Printing Office) 732 North Capitol Street Washington, DC 20401 (202)512-0000 http://www.arnet.gov/GSAM/gsam.html

  32. Federal Supply Schedule Contracts Schedules contracts are: • Five year contracts, with one five-yearoption for approved vendors to provide products/services to any Federal agency • Chosen as the “preferred source of supply”by DOD and most civilian agencies

  33. Federal Supply Schedules Contracts Are…... • “License to hunt” for opportunities in the federal government • Synonymous with a “GSA number” or “getting on GSA list” • Over 80% of Schedule contract holders are small business owners • 8% are woman-owned businesses • 5% are minority-owned businesses

  34. Where Do I Find the Appropriate Schedules Solicitation? • Visit www.fedbizopps.gov • Register with the Electronic Acquisition Notification service • For assistance in preparing your Schedules offer, download the Multiple Award Schedules Program Owner’s Manual at www.fss.gsa.gov

  35. FSS Acquisition Centers • Office and Scientific Equipment Center • Information Technology Acquisition Center • Services Acquisition Center • The Hardware SuperStore • General Products Center • Management Services Center • National Furniture Center • Office Supplies and Administrative Services • Office of Vehicle Acquisition and Leasing Services

  36. Successful Schedules Offer Checklist • GSA Standard Form 1449 (cover sheet) • Administrative Proposal • Technical Proposal • Price Proposal • Open Ratings Past Performance evaluation (formerly Dun and Bradstreet) • Commercial Sales Practice Format • Representations and certifications • Original and one copy of each proposal

  37. Administrative Proposal • GSA SF 1449 with designated blocks completed • Submit an original and one copy of each proposal • Electronic transmissions are accepted by some Acquisition Centers • All “fill-in” information completed • Identify Special Item Numbers (SINS) • Two copies of your dated commercial pricelist (printed, computer generatedand copies of internal pricelists) • Representations and certifications completed

  38. Technical Proposal • Understanding of Requirements • Description of the services offered per SIN • Professional Staff • Resumes of professional staff to be assigned work resulting from the contract. • Education credentials and demonstrated successful experience required • Corporate Experience • Descriptions of work performed within the past two years • Customer agency or firm name, name of person for whom work was performed, and telephone number for verification, if necessary

  39. Price Proposal • Two copies of company’s commercial pricelist/catalog indicating what products/services are offered • Cost information should show how offeror arrived at proposed prices • Include Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) of 1% in price proposal (after Jan 1, 2004 IFF .75) • Prices submitted should be most favored commercial customer prices • Government Price, Commercial Price, Government Discount

  40. Report of Sales • Include IFF in price proposal breakdown • IFF payment must include a completed Form 72-A • Submitted quarterly

  41. Past Performance • Complete the Open Ratings, Inc. (formerly Dun & Bradstreet) past performance evaluation forms • Offeror responsible for the $125.00 fee • Maximum of 20 work experiences requested (minimum of 6) • Customers can include work performed for various offices within the same organization

  42. Corporate Contracting • Find just the right schedule fit for the range of services and products you offer • Save money and increase your visibility to Federal buyers • A single cost-effective gateway to the Federal marketplace • Eliminate redundancy and duplication • Corporate Contract Schedule: Solicitation No. FCO-00-CORP-0000C

  43. Total Solutions Solicitations • Schedules 056- Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies: Solicitation 7FCI-F8-03-0056-B • Schedules 073- Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals, and Services: Solicitation 7FCM-C4-03-0073-B • Schedules 736- Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing Services (TAPS): Solicitation 7FCM-N6-03-0736-B

  44. Total Solutions Solicitations • Schedule 078- Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreational, Trophies and Signs (SPORTS): Solicitation 7FCM-M5-03-0078-B • Schedules 084- Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facility Management Systems, Fire, Rescue, Special Purpose Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response: Solicitation 7FCI-L3-03-0084-B

  45. GSA’s Homeland Security Schedules Team

  46. Components of a Complete Schedules Offer • Prepare Admin., Technical, and Price Proposals (an original and copy of each) • Commercial sales practice format • Open Ratings Past Performance completed • Additional data such as but not limited to:- letter of supply from manufacturer- any supporting documentation in pricing proposal • Representations and certifications completed • Send to Acquisition Center address in Block 9 of GSA SF 1449 • Your offer package is complete!!!

  47. Contract Evaluation Process • GSA Contracting Officer (CO) will be assigned to review your offer • The CO will send a deficiency letter if additional information is needed • Pricing negotiations in person or by telephone • CO will ask for a written final proposal revision to confirm the terms and conditions agreed upon. • Upon award of contract, the CO will return a copy of the contract to you along with one copy of the catalog/pricelist. • CO will send vendor start-up kit for GSA advantage!

  48. GSA Advantage! • On-line shopping network that allows Federal agencies the ability to purchase products/services from FSS Schedule Contract Holders • Vendors can browse by entering a zip code to view pricing of firms already on Schedule • www.gsaadvantage.gov

  49. STATS • 7,233 FSS Schedule Industry Partner w/8,511 Contracts • 3,144,205 Products • 118 VA Schedule Industry Partner • 95,575 VA Products • 125,193 Registered Customers • 45,000 Searches Every Work Day • 5 “Searching” Users for Every Buyer • 23 Billion in sales • E-Buy – Electronic Electronic requests for quotations • Communication between Industry Partner and buying activity • Gives Industry Partner access to all potential orders