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Carrier Administration I (BU3-Air ship) TRM437 PowerPoint Presentation
Carrier Administration I (BU3-Air ship) TRM437

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Carrier Administration I (BU3-Air ship) TRM437

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  1. Airline Management I(BU3-Aircraft)TRM437 Instructor : Bülent DEMİRCİ Bülent Demirci

  2. In 1891, the civil engineer Otto Lilienthal (Germany) succeeded in achieving the first save, repeatable gliding flights in history. His methodology, "from jumping to flying", marked the beginning of the era of human flight, and was adopted by the Wright Brothers (USA) in their quest to develop a practical self-propelled flying machine. Made over 2000 flight in gliders. He felled down from a hight of 17 m and died next day 10 August 1896 Bülent Demirci

  3. Otto Lilienthal Bülent Demirci

  4. Octava Chanute- 1896 Railroad Engineer borned in Paris He flown 150-350 feet Bülent Demirci

  5. Multiwing machine, Octava Chanute- 1896 Bülent Demirci

  6. Multiwing machine, Octava Chanute- 1896 Bülent Demirci

  7. 104 Years Since Kitty Hawk NC Bülent Demirci

  8. US Military Contract with Wright Brothers Remember the conditions for 25000 USD price + 5000 USD bonus • Shall carry at least 2 people • 36 mile per hour minimum speed • Minimum one hour fly Bülent Demirci

  9. 2 people 36 mile per hour 66,7 km/h 36 mile=66,7 km range One hour non-stop 25 horse power 853 passenger only 561 mile per hour 1040 km/h---1175 km/h 8207 mile =15200 km range 14-15 hours non-stop 81500 x 4 = 326000 lb trust engine 300 m USD 2006 price Comparison1907-2007 Bülent Demirci

  10. Cruide Oil Prices (2006 USD) Bülent Demirci

  11. During 1960-1970 Speed Frequency DOC Enviromental Criteria Noise Pollution Air Pollution After Fuel Crises DOC Enviromental Criteria Noise Pollution Air Pollution Range Aircraft Design Criteria Bülent Demirci

  12. NASA Project after 1st fuel crises in 1973 • Boeing, Mc Donnel Douglas and Lockheed • General Electric, Pratt & Whitney • They worked on; • Better aerodynamic design • Lighter aircraft (Honeycamb) • New wing concept • High by-pass ratio engine • High speed propeller engine Bülent Demirci

  13. New Techology Aircraft • NASA Project between 1974-2000 created an A/C called “New Technology A/C” • Has %30 lower DOC per seat • Buying price was higher comparing with the old techology aircraft Airbus A310-300 Boeing B767 Are two aircraft ready around 1982-1984 Bülent Demirci

  14. Aviation Has Made Steady, Significant Environmental Progress MORE FUEL HIGHER DECIBELS 30dB Noise Improvement Early Jet Airplanes 70% Fuel Improvement and Reduced CO2 Second Generation Jet Airplanes Relative fuel use per seat–km Noise dB LOWER DECIBELS LESS FUEL EVEN LOWER New Generation Jet Airplanes EVEN LESS Bülent Demirci

  15. NEW TEC Investment is high DOC is low Better meet the enviromental restriction Higher technical realibility OLD TEC Investment is low DOC is higher Some restriction in some airport Lower technical realibility New Tec A/C & Old Tec A/C Bülent Demirci

  16. 111 test flight 1348 engine flight hours 4349 ground test of engine 16000 cycle before delivery A380 lounch program8,8 billion USD investment to build Bülent Demirci

  17. Aircraft Life • Flight Hour • Cycle They are the two parameters determine the age of the A/C Frame : Flight hour and cycle Engine : Flight hour and cycle APU : Flight hour and cycle Landing Gear: Cycle and year Bülent Demirci

  18. Aircraft Life • Physical Life 736 flying cargo aircrafts out of 2620 are over 36 years old. • Economic Life Some Airlines replace their aircraft in 5 years; • To reduce the maintenance cost • To increase the on time performance We may talk about economic life of any vehicle if there is low cost one in the market. Bülent Demirci

  19. A380 The 555 seat (max 853) Airbus A380-800, with a non-stop range of 8,000nm, was launched in December 2000. The aircraft entered production in January 2002. First flight (with the Rolls-Royce engines) took place from Blagnac Airport, Toulouse, in April 2005. Over 100 test flights have been completed. Five A380 aircraft are taking part in the test programme. Bülent Demirci

  20. Interior of A380 A380 will be the most spacious passenger plane. There will be room on the lower deck for shops, bars, restaurants and casinos. Economy Class Business Class First class seats. Virgin Atlantic chairman Richard Branson has talked about having private double beds and gyms on his airline's planes. Bülent Demirci

  21. Freighters are grouped into four simple categories Bülent Demirci

  22. Bülent Demirci

  23. Passenger Aircraft by Size Bülent Demirci

  24. Passenger Aircraft by Size Bülent Demirci

  25. Aircraft by range • Short range : <800 nm • Short-Medium : 1500>r>800 • Medium range : 1500>r>2000 • Medium-Long Range : 2000>r>3500 • Long Range : >3500 nm Bülent Demirci

  26. New Segmentation Bülent Demirci

  27. Boeing Has A Long History Of Investing In The Future Boeing = 13 Airplanes 747-400F All New All New 777-200/-200ER 737-600 Major Derivative Major Derivative 737-700 Derivative Derivative 737-800 777-300 717-200 757-300 767-400 737-900 777-200LR 777-300ER 787 A321 A319 A300-600F A330-200 A340-500 A340-600 A318 A380 A380F Bülent Demirci Data points based on launch dates Airbus = 9 Airplanes

  28. In Service/Out of Production In Service Launched Study A380-800** A380-800R** * w/ Restricted Loadability ** Airbus Claims 747 Advanced 747-400 747-400ER 747-200 AdditionalEnhancements 759.6K 775K * * 777-300 777-300ER 829K A340-600 777-200 * 820.1K 777-200ER 777-200LR MD-11ER A330-300 787-3+ A340-500 A340-300 787-9 A330-200 767-400ER A340-200 A300-600R 787-8 767-300ER A310-300 767-200ER Twin-Aisle Airplanes Product Strategy Bülent Demirci + Two-class short- / medium-range interior

  29. Air Travel Growth Has Been Met By Increased Frequencies And Nonstops World Index 1980=1.00 Air Travel Growth Frequency Growth Nonstop Markets Average Airplane Size Bülent Demirci Advance August 2005 OAG

  30. Airlines Have to Accommodate a Wide Variety of Travelers on Each Flight Short-Haul 65% Travel • Price sensitive • Extremely time sensitive • Some cross-over to LCC • Highly price sensitive • Time sensitive • Minimal service levels Business 30% Travel 40-50% Revenue Personal 70% Travel 50-60% Revenue • Price sensitive • Low time sensitivity • Medium service levels • Low price sensitivity • Time sensitive • High service levels Long-Haul 35% Travel Bülent Demirci

  31. Government Ownership and Control of Airlines Significantly Reduced Top 25 airlines: Lufthansa KLM Iberia QANTAS British Airways Japan Airlines/JAS Air Canada Weekly ASM (000) Privatized airlines Government-owned airlines Airlines transitioning from government control to Private <50% Bülent Demirci

  32. Bülent Demirci

  33. EVALUATION OF TERM PERFORMANCE • 10 % ATTENDANCE / Class Participation • 30 % MIDTERM • 50 % FINAL • 10 % Case Study & Creativity Bülent Demirci

  34. Some Reference Texts / • Railtracks in the Sky / Peter Reed • Airline Business in the 21st Century Rigas Doganis • Transport / D. Hensher - A.Brewer • The Southwest Airlines Way / J.H.Gittel • Deregulation / J.Meyer – C. Oster • Cleared for Take-Off – Thomas Lawton • Transport Economics – Ken Button • EU Treaties & Legislation - Rudden & Wyatt Bülent Demirci

  35. Recommended Journals • Jane’s Space Directory • Airlines International • Flight International • Airline Business • Air Transport World • Aviation Week & Space Technology • Air Cargo Week • Business and Commerce Aviation • Payload • Airline Cargo • Air Finance Journal Bülent Demirci

  36. Useful Websites NEWS • • • • • • Others may need subscription….. Bülent Demirci

  37. Useful Websites Tech / Info • European Union • ECAC • ICAO • Airports Council Int. • AEA Bülent Demirci

  38. ÜRETMEYE MECBURUZ Çalışmadan, yorulmadan ve üretmeden Rahat yaşamanın yollarını aramayı Alışkanlık haline getirmiş milletler; Evvela HAYSİYETLERİNİ, Sonra HÜRRİYETLERİNİ, Daha sonra da İSTİKBALLERİNİ Kaybetmeye mahkumdurlar. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Bülent Demirci