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German Sports

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German Sports

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  1. German Sports By:Spencer

  2. Sports are one of the best things to do in Germany in your spare time. There are more than 87,000 sport clubs in Germany. Close to 27 million people are in these clubs.

  3. Main Sport in Germany The main sport in Germany is soccer. There it is called Fussball. Germany’s national soccer team has won the world cup Three times. Soccer is played throughout all of Germany.

  4. Non popular sports Sports like baseball and American football are not all that popular in Germany. Because there not typical German sports but they are enjoying and are becoming more popular as the years go on.

  5. Other Sports Other sports like handball, volleyball and basketball are other sports that are popular in Germany and they are steady increasing.

  6. Biking Biking is also another sport that is liked in Germany. Lots of people do it to stay healthy and they do it for fun.

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