Youngster wellbeing, CAMHS and maternity administration mapping - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

child health camhs and maternity service mapping l.
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Youngster wellbeing, CAMHS and maternity administration mapping PowerPoint Presentation
Youngster wellbeing, CAMHS and maternity administration mapping

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Youngster wellbeing, CAMHS and maternity administration mapping

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  1. Child health, CAMHS and maternity service mapping An overview of the mapping process 2007/8

  2. What we will cover today: • A reminder of what we map • Services, Finance and Organisational issues • Getting started • Assigning a mapping coordinator, registration and setting up service groups • What you can do to prepare yourself over October • Using the Sandbox and reading manuals • Data Inputting • Questions for services and commissioners • Healthcare Commission Requirements • Sign off and Evaluation • Using On line Reports • for your information

  3. What is mapped? • Child health, CAMHS and maternity services • 13 service types in child health • 2 service types in maternity • 5 team types in CAMHS • For each service questions are asked on: • Who provides the service • Specialisms, functions and focus • Location and catchment area • Workforce • Progress against policy imperatives • CAMHS collect data on caseload for a sample period • Healthcare Commission component

  4. Finance mapping • Aims to capture investment in child health, CAMHS and maternity services • Actual spend in 2006/7 • Predicted budget in 2007/8 • Commissioning arrangements • Who services are commissioned from (the providers) • Spend on individual care • Out of area treatment • Spot purchasing • Continuing care

  5. Other aspects of mapping • Organisation-wide questions • Progress on policy implementation • Features of commissioning • Performance indicators • Healthcare Commission • Local authority CAMHS PIs collected for Ofsted

  6. Set up

  7. PCT MappingLead Assistant Service provision Commissioning Finance PCT only LA (CAMHS only) Service Group Head Child health Service Group Head Maternity Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service

  8. Other NHS trusts MappingLead Assistant Service Group Head Child hospital Service Group Head Children’s community Service Group Head Maternity Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service

  9. Mental health NHS trust MappingLead Assistant Service Group Head CAMHS partnership Service Group Head CAMHS Tier 4 Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service

  10. Registration • One person registers • Select organisation and provide contact details • Role includes • Setting up an assistant (where appropriate) • Setting up group heads • Allocate service entries to groups • Defining the PCTs the mapping return will cover • Completing the organisation-wide questionnaire or delegating it • Co-ordinating the exercise and ensuring it is completed and signed off

  11. Registration

  12. Setting up and managing service groups

  13. Building up the trust patches

  14. Organisation-wide questionnaire • Includes questions on: • Commissioning of a range of services • CAMHS key provision • Designated professionals and co-ordinators in post • Safeguarding • Child health promotion • Health equity audit/needs assessment • Public health strategies • Participation in planning fora

  15. Preparing for data inputting

  16. Service mapping changes • Format • Shorter but more pages to questionnaire • Expanding questions • Status bar to tell you how far you are from completion • Content • Map multiple service provision • Dedicated sessions/staff for BME community, specific gender and LGBT • ECM outcomes • Banded ages • Additional questions on diabetes, epilepsy, breastfeeding • Integration of staff – map whole team – report partner agencies

  17. Sandbox in ‘Help’

  18. Sandbox - familiarisation Expanding ‘help’ Click on ?

  19. Service type - multi choice

  20. Expanding questions

  21. Dedicated sessions or staff

  22. Manuals for use of website

  23. Data inputting

  24. Log on page

  25. Choose organisational role Choose your role here

  26. Service providers • Check that the list of services is complete • Delegate service questionnaires to service managers for completion as appropriate • Revise each service questionnaire • Ensuring the new questions are answered • Year specific questions are answered • Staffing is updated • Look at the summary report for your organisation and check the data • Confirm each questionnaire is complete • Confirm completion with Mapping Lead/on website

  27. Commissioners • Commissioning arrangements • List any commissioning groups • List the organisations who provide the services commissioned • Complete a commissioning/planning questionnaire • Complete financial spreadsheets • One for each commissioner/provider • Disaggregated to service type • Estimate if necessary • Give source of funding if known • Check data on summary report • Confirm completion on website

  28. Healthcare Commission Requirements

  29. Data Collection for the Healthcare Commission • Small set of questions partitioned and labelled specifically for the Healthcare Commission • Requires Chief Executive sign-off • Data must be accurate and submitted by 28th February • No verification period – data as at 28th February goes to HC • Data feeds into Annual Health Check • Covers staff training, experience and numbers 4

  30. Background - Services for Children in Hospital • Powerful report – Safety/Quality of care – published Feb 07 • Explains rationale for 11 Indicators selected for follow-up across the main areas of care • Data for 10 indicators gathered through CHM • to reduce duplication (one is through HES) • Pilot data collection last winter • Collecting for real this time • - with learning from pilot

  31. Changes from Pilot HC collection • Separate section specifically for these data • Clarity over denominator data – defining which staff included in service headcount • Field checks requiring positive data entry (no blanks) • Clear notes beside each question • Updated online FAQ • Reminders, notifications and verification

  32. Emergency care and Day case care Nurse training levels (essential and necessary) Outpatient care Children’s nurse presence Whole trust Play staff numbers Surgery Surgeon training levels Anaesthetist training levels No of surgeons operating on under 100 children/year Anaesthetists doing v. low levels of children’s work % anaesthetising infants under 6 months The Indicators Details –

  33. Sign Off

  34. Sign off and evaluation • Group heads complete their sections • Check the summary report of the data submitted • Mapping lead signs off whole exercise • CEO signs off any data that will be used for performance purposes • Please complete an evaluation questionnaire

  35. Service provision and commissioning overall sign-off reports page

  36. Examples of provider summaries

  37. Key dates for 2007/8 • 1st November 2007 - website open for data inputting • 1st Nov to 30th November caseload data collection period for CAMHS teams delivering tiers 2 and 3 • 30th November 2007 – census day for services in operation and staffing • 28th February 2008 – end of data collection. 17.00 hours deadline for data that is to be submitted to Healthcare Commission • The helpdesk will be available throughout the data inputting period: 9.30 – 4.30 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and 9.30-1.00 Wed

  38. Useful information • Web address: • Helpdesk: • 0191 334 1489 • • National Lead: Claire Thomson

  39. Using On line Reports

  40. Using the reporting features • Live tables summarising data • Restriction/benchmarking tool • Regional reports • Locality reports • Local directory facility

  41. Report page Choose type of report wanted

  42. Choosing a group of reports 1. Select the report you want to view

  43. Choose report view 1. Choose report 2. Choose here how you would like to view the report, i.e. by SHA 3. Clicking here will remove any blank rows, making the report easier to read 4. Get report

  44. View by service type Drill down to look at services

  45. Report restrictions & comparisons Select comparators from this list

  46. Select groups to compare /sum 1. Create a group for comparison or summary 2. Click on submit

  47. Group members listed Now, go to the reports page Type of group Group members

  48. Group report

  49. Regional reports Choose the region Choose the format

  50. Service directory