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Wings on Dreams

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Wings on Dreams

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  1. Wings on Dreams A Glimpse into InnovationJohn Dyke and the Dyke Delta

  2. Wings on Dreams John’s Wrongs A Tattle Journal 1940s: Hardship Breeds Creativity World War II, poverty, and lack of resources doesn’t stop John Dyke from inventing and experimenting.

  3. Wings on Dreams 1960s: Putting Dreams to Flight Working in his spare time in his basement, John completes the design and construction of the Dyke Delta JD-1. First flight: July 21, 1962 Driving Into the Wind A Movie Script

  4. Wings on Dreams

  5. Wings on Dreams First Flight A Letter Home 1962: Better Than Housework! John’s dream of flying was contagious. His wife, Jennie, also flew the Dyke Delta.

  6. Wings on Dreams

  7. Wings on Dreams 1972-2006: The Impact on Others The power of innovative people moves our lives in ways we don’t always see. New Angles on Life A Dialogue Play

  8. Wings on Dreams

  9. Wings on Dreams 1963-Present: Family Ties Growing up around dreamers and innovators affects future generations. We reflect our environments — sometimes clearly; sometimes creatively. Airplane Ancestry A Poem

  10. Wings on Dreams 2007: Reflecting the Future John’s past innovation provides future inspiration. New Horizons A Dedication Speech