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JustGiving for Games Clubs

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JustGiving for Games Clubs

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  1. JustGiving for Sports Clubs England Squash & Racketball Summary

  2. JustGiving for Sports Clubs A new initiative to make it easier for squash clubs to raise money and claim Gift Aid • Sport England - the public body responsible for developing and supporting community sport throughout England • JustGiving - the largest online fundraising community in the world • CCPR - national alliance of governing bodies • England Squash & Racketball - governing body

  3. Make more of your fundraising JustGiving have dropped their subscription fees – worth £180 per club per year – for all Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs)

  4. Benefits 1. You can raise money more easily, quickly and efficiently

  5. Benefits 2. JustGiving make claiming Gift Aid really easy, as they do all the administration, saving the club time and money. Through Gift Aid, the Government will give clubs up to 28p for every £1 raised. • Yet HMRC have estimated that only 10% of CASCs are utilising their ability to claim Gift Aid “Administrative burden makes Gift Aid claims difficult, e.g. asking and getting the donor to complete and sign the declaration form, particularly if it relates to a small amount of money.” CCPR Gift Aid Survey

  6. Benefits 3. Payments are weekly so you know when they are coming and can plan ahead.

  7. Benefits 4. Real people are on hand to give you help and advice 7 days a week.

  8. Squash and CASCs: the Context • Squash currently have 75 CASC-registered clubs • Sports clubs have saved over £10 million in Rate Relief since the CASC scheme began in 2002 • Only 1 in 10 clubs claim Gift Aid* meaning that grassroots clubs are missing out on vital funds they are entitled to claim • Joining JustGiving for Sports Clubs takes the work of claiming Gift Aid away from the CASC so that the club can focus on squash and spend less time on administration*Source, HMRC

  9. Why are England Squash & Racketball supporting JustGiving for Sports Clubs? JustGiving can help you: • Take advantage of Gift Aid • Generate more money for facilities, equipment and all the other things you need to raise money for • Find fun ways to engage your members in money making activities And JustGiving does all the administration, so volunteers don’t have to

  10. Case Study – Ashley Cricket Club • Ashley Cricket Club in Cheshire needed new covers. • They joined JustGiving and through fun runs and moustache-growing competitions raised £480 in just two weeks. • Through JustGiving they claimed an additional £140 in Gift Aid. • By promoting their JustGiving page on Facebook and the club website & emailing friends they received donations from far and wide. “Gift Aid Collection has and will save us time and administrative effort…do it! Register as a CASC and take advantage of Gift Aid through JustGiving” David Rice, Ashley Cricket Club

  11. Fundraising ideas, with added Gift Aid • Appeal for donations to fund a particular development project at your club • Create your JustGiving page to mark a celebration or an anniversary, marriage or birthday • Accept donations in memory of a loved one or former club member through your JustGiving pages • Do something crazy! Like growing, cutting or shaving your hair, moustaches or beards • Create a JustGiving page for your sponsored events, whether it’s marathons, runs, swims, walks, hikes or cycle rides Please remember that you can’t use JustGiving for your subscriptions, as they are ineligible for Gift Aid.

  12. How to sign up for your JustGiving account If you are already registered as a CASC visit www.justgiving.com/sportsclubs You will receive: • Step-by-step registration help • A JustGivingwebpage for your club and unlimited fundraising pages for you members • Expert fundraising guidance and expertise • Help from a person at the other end of a phone, for both your club and your members

  13. Not a CASC? If your club is amateur, not-for-profit and open to the whole community you can register as a CASC. CACS status gives you: • 80% Mandatory Rate Relief • Ability to claim Gift Aid • Some Corporation Tax exemption Visit www.cascinfo.co.uk to learn more about the scheme and find out how to register your club as a CASC.

  14. What are you doing to raise money? Tell JustGiving what you’re doing to raise money by emailing press@JustGiving.com The best ideas will be featured on the JustGiving for Sports Clubs website!

  15. Contacts JustGiving charities@justgiving.com 0845 0212133 Sport England info@sportengland.org 08458 508508 Dominic Goggins, CCPR (CASCs) dgoggins@ccpr.org.uk 0207 976 3903