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integrated community values approach n.
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Coordinated Group Values Approach. PowerPoint Presentation
Coordinated Group Values Approach.

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Coordinated Group Values Approach.

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  1. Integrated Community Values Approach. Sascol Eastern Cape

  2. Integrated Community Values Approach NGOS • HUB • Church • School • In every ward • Associate Churches • Maximum 10 • Sports Champion • Principals/Schools • Sports Educator • Life orientation Teacher • Life skills Coach • Sports Bodies • Soccer Bodies 2010 • NGO’s /Business/Government Sports Bodies Schools Associate Churches HUB Business HUB Principals Sports Educators Government

  3. 1. Churches the Main Driver • Churches • Determine how many churches are in the ward. • Meet with the church leader that will have a passion for youth. • Establish the HUB Church • Establish the Associate Churches • Establish a Sports Pastor in each Church

  4. 2. Schools : the FocusCommunity Based Sports Academy • Schools • Determine how many schools are in the ward. • Meet with the Principal that will have a passion for Sport and Youth. • Establish the HUB School • Connect with the Associate Schools • Connect with Sports Educator in each School F. Connect with the Life Orientation Teacher G. Establish a Life skills Coach in each school

  5. 3. Sports Bodies : The Next Level • Sports Bodies • Determine the ruling sports Body in the district or area. • Meet with the chairpersons of each sports club in the area. • Connect with Current Structures • Connect with other Sports Clubs • Connect with Junior Sports Co ordinator in each Club • Connect with Life skills Coaches and Club coaches to work together. ( This will join the school and the Clubs) • Arrange for a Ubabalo Life skills coaching course for all the club coaches.

  6. 4. Ward :Community Support Structures. • NGO’s/ Business/ Government • Connect with government officials for the area. • Establish how many NGO’s are in the area and what their line of business is. • How many businesses are in the area. • Set up strategic meetings with them individually to be the financiers of the vision as well as provide services that will uplift the social status of youth.

  7. Forming a strategic Team • Hub Church Leader sets this meeting up. • Hub School Principal • Hub Sports Club Chairperson • Sports Champions from each Church • Sports Champion for Juniors at Club level • Life skills Coaches • Government Officials • Business • NGO’s • Set this meeting up once a month or every two months.

  8. Key Agenda • Critical Issues • The church’s role : The Prayer Base. The church’s influence on moral issues in schools as well as sports clubs. • The development of youth in sport • The improvement of sporting facilities • The Life skills coaches • The competition at school and club level • Youth Evangelism Model

  9. The Life skills Coach • Selection Criteria • Role model : No criminal records • Honest good report in the community • Interpersonal skills : High value on human dignity. • Communicate effectively • Team person : Be able to submit to others in a team effort. • Post Matriculation Level • Be a self starter

  10. Job description • Develop organised sport during break times • Develop the fitness level of all the children at school • Work in the program of the Life Orientation class. • Develop competitive teams for school competition • Develop alongside the club coach club level teams. • Must be trained in SAFA accredited coaching course as well as Ubabalo life skills coaching skills.

  11. Training Needs • Management skills : HUB Churches