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Trigger Acceptance

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Trigger Acceptance

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  1. Trigger Validation TAPM Open meeting 2 October 2007 Ricardo Goncalo

  2. Announcement: • David Strom to replace Olya in the trigger validation coordination • Will start to devote more time to validation coordination at the end of October • Welcome to David! (well …he’s already involved!) TAPM Open Meeting

  3. Current status • Last week: 13.0.30 built on Tuesday • Missing features from menu etc • A few bugs found in the meantime and fixed in production cache • Today: production cache • Needs to be built this week (today) to be used for detector paper performance section • AOD size is a concern: • ~250 kB/ev with trigger – comparable to rel.12 (but larger menu) • TrigInDetTracks from B-physics full scan seem to be the largest contributor • Memory leaks are still a concern! • Seem to be at the same level as (note: again with a larger menu) TAPM Open Meeting

  4. Validation Workshop • Half-day Trigger Validation Workshop last week (26 Sep.) • • 20 people attending • Discussion • Tutorials: • Code performance and memory profiling • Validation tools hands-on tutorial • Use of standalone DCube TAPM Open Meeting

  5. Nightly validation shift • Each slice requested to provide one person to verify the status of the nightly releases using the automatic validation tests • Report on status using the "Trigger Status in 13.0.x nightlies" wiki: • The shift rota can be found here: TAPM Open Meeting

  6. TAPM Open Meeting