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state of the mozilla add ons universe n.
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Condition of the Mozilla Additional items Universe PowerPoint Presentation
Condition of the Mozilla Additional items Universe

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Condition of the Mozilla Additional items Universe

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  1. State of the Mozilla Add-ons Universe Brian King - Briks Software, Add-on-Con - 11 December 2008

  2. 1 Billion!

  3. Platform for Innovation and Experimentation

  4. Multizilla

  5. Leading the Way / Incubators Multizilla - tabbed browsing. Total Recall - a precursor for Session Restore Googlebar Forumzilla - feed reading in Thunderbird ... and many more

  6. Labs The Concept Series aims to provoke thought, facilitate discussion, and inspire future design directions for Firefox, the Mozilla project, and the Web as a whole.

  7. Nurturing Other Ways of Giving Back, such as... Writing patches Wiki contributions IRC and forums

  8. And Ultimately.... Try to Open Source, the Mozilla way Sometimes building a strong developer community can make business sense Publish your source on AMO, your site, or a community site such as Mozdev.

  9. Mozdev * Community run site providing free hosting for Mozilla applications and extensions since 2000 * Over 1/3 of Top 50 AMO add-ons hosted on mozdev or started there * More than twenty Mozilla-based applications have extensions under development on mozdev * An entry point where people can learn the tools and processes of the core Mozilla developer community.

  10. Strategic Asset for Mozilla

  11. Core to the Mozilla mission of “choice & innovation” Huge momentum versus other browsers. Customization is a key differentiator for Firefox and helps users feel like Firefox is “mine”

  12. Vibrant Ecosystem of Startups

  13. The Majors get in on the Act

  14. Other Comsumers of the Extension Manager

  15. TomTom

  16. Songbird

  17. eMusic

  18. Not all have a presence on AMO, but... ... they realise the value in supporting Add-ons.

  19. Cousins

  20. User Scripts The Cult of       Greasemonkey

  21. XULRunner Applications More Front-End Flexibility More Back-End Flexibility (with custom build) More Build Voodoo ... more complex Image Source

  22. AMO • Over 1.5 million visitors per day, approximately 5M daily page views • Site is available in 28 languages • AMO add-on population: • 5000+ Extensions • 850+ Themes • 50+ Language Packs • 50+ Dictionaries • Sizable number of add-ons not hosted on AMO • Over 100M active daily add-on pings • 10-20 blog/news articles daily about add-ons

  23. AMO Approval aka How to get on the AMO team's good side.

  24. Respect the guidelines

  25. Respect your users

  26. Responsiveness

  27. Update to latest platform target (Currently 3.1b3pre)

  28. Ensure quality

  29. Quality In Firefox 2, extensions slowed down Firefox and gave it a bad name as a memory hog. Not all ext. developer fault, but... Better quality control on AMO where extensions are reviewed thoroughly (errors, non-namespaced code, memory leaks, remote JS, ...)

  30. Fix Leakage - Easy to use Memory Leak Test Tool developed by David Baron - Only Requirement is a environment variable and works on all platforms“c:\NSPR_LOG_MODULES=DOMLeak:5,DocumentLeak:5,nsDocShellLeak:5,NodeInfoManagerLeak:5” - And “set NSPR_LOG_FILE=c:\leak1.log“ to define a Leak Log - Works on Firefox 2 and Firefox 3+ Release Builds - Leak Log Upload Form on for analysis - Upload Form indicates if a Memory Leak was found

  31. That Review Queue Source

  32. Plans are AFOOT to tackle it and make the review process faster in the future.

  33. What's Next?

  34. AMO Features Roadmap

  35. AMO Features Roadmap (cntd.)

  36. Freedom, Power and Fun! Freedom ... to dream up and implement your own ideas ... to customise ... to innovate ... to extend Power - "With great power comes great responsibility" aka Don't delete all the files on your user's computer. Fun Scratch an itch - the OSS way Make new friends along the way (irc, mailing lists, and other developers forums)

  37. Business Firefox - 20% + market share, and climbing 50% in some regions

  38. Thanks! Questions?