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Nine Gold Awards

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Nine Gold Awards

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  1. Nine Gold Medals • What makes this an unusual race? • Do you think the other runners were right to stop and help the one who had fallen? Why or why not? • Why do you think the poet decided to describe this race? • How did picturing the race in your mind help you understand what happened?

  2. Question of the Day Day 1: Why do you think the Olympic Games are special to athletes all over the world? Day 2: Who is one of your heroes? Explain why you admire this person. Day 3: In “The Swimmer,” the poet says that swimming helps her understand the thoughts and feelings of fish. Choose another creature in the wild. What might you do to better understand that creature?

  3. Question of the Day Day 4: What do you think are “the rules of fair play” mentioned in the Olympic oath? Day 5: Why do you think it is important for athletes to be careful about what they eat and drink before they compete?

  4. Vocabulary • ancient: very old • host: one who provides the place for an event • stadium: an arena or building with rows of seats built around a field.

  5. Vocabulary • compete: to take part with others in a contest of skill • earned: gained as the result of effort • record: the best performance in a competition • ceremonies: formal acts performed in honor of an occasion • medals: small, flat pieces of metal given as awards