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engineering study abroad 2006 unl ufc n.
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Building STUDY Abroad 2006 UNL and UFC PowerPoint Presentation
Building STUDY Abroad 2006 UNL and UFC

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Building STUDY Abroad 2006 UNL and UFC

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  1. ENGINEERINGSTUDY Abroad 2006UNL & UFC what you need know…

  2. Engineering in France July 2 – August 2

  3. Engineering in France • Month long engineering experience in France • Live in a French University town for three weeks (Rouen) • Take engineering classes from an UNL faculty in English • Interaction with French students and faculty

  4. Tentative Classes : All students are required to take this class: ENGR 490 – Global Experiences in French Culture and Engineering - Faculty: Dr. David Allen, Dean of Engineering History of Science and Technology, Introduction to French History, Culture and Language. Field trips to engineering sites, such as ruins, natural wonders, cathedrals, museums, etc. Students must choose ONE of the following technical classes: ENGM 223 – Engineering Statics (3 cr) ENGM 325 – Mechanics of Elastic Bodies (3 cr) ENGM 451 – Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (3 cr) ENGM 480 – Numerical Methods in Engineering Analysis (3 cr)

  5. Field trip to south France and visit: • Loire Valley Castles, Chambord and Chenonceau stay overnight at a Château de Rochecotte • Gallo-Roman cities of Lyon and Arles • The site of the Battle of Alesia where Julius Cesar defeated the Gauls and their king Vercingetorix • Greek-roman ruins of the city of Glanum and the greatest Roman structure of all times, the Aqueduct of Pont du Gard • In Arles, stay in a hotel across the street from a coffee shop that Vincent van Gogh painted his famous Café de Nuit • End the field trip in Paris, where students will have a crash tour of the Cité Lumière

  6. Loire Valley Castles - Chambord

  7. Loire Valley Castles - Chenonceau

  8. Loire Valley CastlesOvernight at a Château de Rochecotte

  9. Gallo-Roman cities - Lyon

  10. Gallo-Roman cities - Arles

  11. ArlesCafe La Nuit from Vincent van Gogh

  12. Battle of Alesia

  13. Engineering in France

  14. Apply for a program • First come - first serve • Space is limited • Apply online (EASY!!!) • Fill out forms A and B • Send an e-mail to Marilena at

  15. How much does it cost? • Program Fees include: • in country transportation (air, coach) • Hotels and dorms accommodations (4 weeks) • Tickets and admissions to attractions • 10 Group Meals • Group health insurance • International Student ID Cards • Pocket money: UNPREDICTABLE, depends on you spending habits. • UNL will offer 5 scholarships to UFC students ($500) Bring half of the luggage you think you’ll need and twice the money!!! • France $3,000 • Airfare ~ $1,000 • Tuition • Pocket Money

  16. How can I come up with 5K? • Parents & Family (Holidays) • Loans • Scholarships (College of Engineering, International Affairs, Departments) • Work 1,000 hours !!! Get a student job in campus (I can help you find one!) • Dump you girlfriend, sell your car…

  17. Do your Research • Talk to your Faculty (Prof. Barros Neto, Prof. Jorge Soares, Prof. Felipe Loureiro, Prof. Celio Loureiro) • Talk to Marilena at UNL (I love to do that!!!) • Talk to former students (more than 10 UFC students have been involved with this program) • Read, Browse, Search EVERYTHING possible about the place you wanna go

  18. THANK YOU! ANY QUESTIONS? CONTACT INFORMATION: Marilena S. Carvalho, Program Coordinator International Engineering Programs College of Engineering & Technology University of Nebraska-Lincoln 146 WSEC 820 North 16th St. Lincoln, NE 68588-0642 PH: 402-472-4528 FAX: 402-472-7792