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Extraordinary Barton PC Club

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Extraordinary Barton PC Club

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  1. Great Barton Computer Club The Ubiquitous iPod and iTunes

  2. The iPod and iTunes • The question is… are we dealing with a wonderful invention or a marvellous piece of marketing? • Having got one, the answer is probably both. • So what is an iPod?

  3. The iPod

  4. The iPod • A tiny computer with a big hard drive. • Unique indexing system. • Synchronisation with iTunes to purchase and organise its content of music, photos, video and other files. • Digital Rights Management (DRM) – This means downloaded files can only be played on authorised iPod machines.

  5. iPod • Three basic types iPod, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

  6. iPod • iPod weighs up to 5.5 ounces and has between 30GB and 80GB hard drive. • 2.4 x 4.1 x .43 inches. • 2.5 inch colour screen (diagonal). • 60GB = 15000 songs, 25000 photos 0r 150 hours of video. • Mine is not video!

  7. iPod Nano • Smaller Unit 1.6 x 3.5 x .27 inches. • 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB. • Colour screen to manage music and photos but no video. • 4GB = 1000 songs or 25000 photos

  8. iPod Shuffle • Smallest of the iPod family. • 3.3 x .98 x .33 inches. • 512kb or 1 MB. • 1GB = 240 songs

  9. iTunes - Software • Website and software to manage the content of the library both on the computer and the iPod device. • Downloadable from www.itunes.com

  10. iTunes Software • Download new music purchases from iTunes at 79p (typically) per track or price per album. • + Audiobooks, Podcasts, Videos, TV programming. • Synchronise computer with iPod. • Rip CDs in your collection to add to library and thereby add to iPod.

  11. iTunes Software • Subscribe to Podcast downloads. • Manage the import of Photos (and video) to the computer and iPod. • Music can be purchased by the track or by the album.

  12. Album data and track names downloaded. Sleeve notes with titles can be printed for the case with artwork covers. iTunes Software • 30 second samples of any track available for review at download quality.

  13. iTunes Software • When personal CDs are ‘ripped’ to add to the library the software obtains titles and artwork as with new purchases. • Simple way to copy your own CD’s. CD ‘Burn’ function incorporated.

  14. iTunes – Authorised computers • Downloaded tracks can be played on (up to) five authorised computers. • All music on the main iTunes machine can be shared across a network. • My ‘desktop’ machine holds my full CD collection and I can listen to any of them on any of my (wireless) laptop machines without the files actually being transferred.

  15. iTunes - Main Library

  16. iTunes – ‘Music Store’ Web Page

  17. iTunes – Individual Album

  18. iTunes – Podcast downloads.

  19. iPods and iTunes • As we have no internet connection here I am going to show three short iPod and iTune video tutorials. Apologies for the U.S. accent. • We can then look at the version of iTunes on this machine to complete the presentation.

  20. Using the iPod • On a train with earphones, too loud, and annoy all! In reality I use mine regularly and you cannot hear them from outside if played at ‘normal’ volume. • In a car using a direct or wireless link. You have your own CD collection available.

  21. Using the iPod • A shuffle function enable you to be surprised when it chooses the next track! • It can do this from the whole library or a PLAYLIST (set up on iTunes). For example you can automatically set up a PLAYLIST with only 60’s music.

  22. Using the iPod • Connect to TV or ‘HiFi’ directly or using wireless technology to play back music, photos, video or recorded TV. • I could do a talk on the accessories that surround the iPod. There are hundreds of options.

  23. iPods and iTunes The End