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eresource ordering from profile funds n.
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eResource Requesting from Profile Reserves PowerPoint Presentation
eResource Requesting from Profile Reserves

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eResource Requesting from Profile Reserves

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  1. eResource Ordering fromProfile Funds Presented by: James A. Buczynski

  2. eResource Trends Ordering Workflow Why selectors? eResources Workgroup Ordering Form Typical hiccups AGENDA

  3. eResource TrendsMore & More & More Product! • Online and Print • Online only • Was in print • Was never in print • Title Exclusivity • Packages • Direct from the publisher • Fragmentation problem • Not for libraries • By License • Delivery method, ex. Email, pdf

  4. eResource ordering:more things to investigate! • Compared to ordering books, videos, journal subscriptions, eResources are more time consuming. • Example: Video > Select > Investigate PPR > Order video Voyager Acquisitions > Order PPR in acquisitions (if separate) > Order is verified by Technical Services > Order is placed with the vendor > Item is received > Item is Catalogued > Item is put on the shelf

  5. Select Investigate access possibilities (IP, Username + IP, Username, locally hosted, etc) Investigate the license (permitted uses, authorized users, etc) Investigate price(s) (FTE, institutional, site fees, etc) Manager signs license if available License is sent to the vendor Invoice is sent for payment Order is placed in Voyager Invoice is paid Access is activated Access links are tested, remote access via proxy server? Title is catalogued and or listed on Seneca Libraries Website Product is renewed or cancelled one year later eResource Ordering: no standard practices!

  6. Why Selectors? • Libraries are beginning to involve all staff in eresource acquisitions and management, because it requires a lot of manpower • In the same vein as current bibliographic verification / PPR investigation • Will become a bigger and bigger part of profile spending • Technical Services needs “completed orders” to work efficiently

  7. eResource Workgroup • Jane Foo: library website, Encompass • Sharon Tait: Access set-up and management • James Buczynski: License review / negotiations • Rosina Leung: Cataloguing, ordering & billing management • Carolyn Lam: Global view, policy, etc

  8. 10 Steps to Ordering eResources • Complete the Electronic Resource Request Form • Electronic Resources Workgroup Reviews the Submission • Manager Signs the License or a Copy of the End-User Agreement • Obtain an Invoice for the Product From the Vendor • Complete a Purchase Order in Voyager • Send an Information Package to Technical Services for Processing • Technical Services Processes the Purchase Request • Electronic Resources Workgroup Sets Up Access Points • Inform Library Staff and the Seneca Community of the New Resource • Renewal or Cancellation Manual is available at:

  9. Ordering Form • Seneca Libraries Intranet > Forms • • Aimed at profile acquisitions under $2000, but there are exceptions • Does not cover trials of products

  10. A human not generic email, ex. sales@...

  11. Do not guess!

  12. Email:

  13. Form is sent to the workgroup by email

  14. eResources Workgroup Reviews the Submission • The Systems Support Specialist / Coordinator will review the desired access options. • The Electronic Resources Acquisitions Librarian will review the subscription license or end-user agreement. • The workgroup will make recommendations to the selector (via email) regarding purchase. To inquire about the status of your request, email:

  15. Manager Signs the License or a Copy of the End-User Agreement • A manager signs the license agreement or a copy of the end-user agreement, as provided by the selector. The manager must be provided with: • A copy of the completed electronic resources request form • A copy of the access approval email (from the Systems Support Specialist/Coordinator ) • A copy of the license approval email (from the Electronic Resources Acquisitions Librarian) • The selector sends the signed license to the vendor. Some vendors accept faxed licenses while others require multiple copies by mail.

  16. Selector Obtains an Invoice for the Product from the Vendor • Via email, fax, snail mail… • May need to ask over and over again 

  17. Selector Completes Purchase Order in Voyager • See manual for instructions

  18. Email Techservrequest

  19. Do not use the Bibliographic record for the printed version. Using the Add Bib/Item template to input the Bibliographic information, use the following format, as appropriate: • Electronic Book: Book • Electronic Journal: Journal • Electronic Database: Computer file • Web Site subscription: Computer file • Enter “[electronic resource]” at the end of the title to indicate that you want to order the electronic title

  20. Input one title per purchase order • Indicate the License renewal date within the PO notes • Indicate the time period that you want to subscribe for (e.g. subscribe for only one year, one time deal and does not need to be renewed, ongoing order etc.) • Select “Eresources Online” as the Intended location • Put the URL of the publisher or source of publication in the notes area. • Indicate whether or not a print version of the title exists within the notes area. Also indicate whether or not the library owns the print version. • If it is an electronic journal, indicate whether it is available through Ebsco vendor or not. • Provide as much information as possible within the line item notes area. Examples of useful information include: change from printed order to the electronic format, ordering both the print and electronic formats, etc.

  21. Selector Sends Information Package to Technical Services for Processing The package must include: • A completed Electronic Resource Request form -- remember to add in the Purchase Order number from Voyager, renewal date, etc. • A copy of the access approval email (from the Systems Support Specialist/Coordinator) • A copy of the license approval email (from the Electronic Resources Acquisitions Librarian) • A copy of the Manager-signed License / End-User agreement • The invoice from the vendor

  22. Technical Services Processes the Purchase Request • Technical Services sends the invoice to purchasing for payment. • Technical Services Librarian edits the Acquisition Record (Bib and MFHD; not suppressed by default).

  23. Electronic Resources Workgroup Sets Up Access Points • Technical Services sends ‘payment received’ notice to Systems Support Specialist / Coordinator. • Systems Support Specialist / Coordinator obtains access information from vendor and sets up online access. • Digital Services Librarian sets up online access from existing user interfaces / end-user systems. • As appropriate, Technical Services Librarian creates 856 link in MARC record. • As appropriate, Electronic Resources Librarian notifies Serials Solutions of access. • As appropriate, Electronic Resources Librarian creates resource metadata record.

  24. Selector Informs Library Staff and the Seneca Community of the New Resource Selector writes an announcement, which is sent via various existing library news channels: • library staff emailing lists • Electronic Resource Newsletter • Seneca Libraries News Blog • Intranet News • My.Seneca • Etc.

  25. Renewal or Cancellation • Technical Services runs a monthly renewal report and sends renewal notices to selectors, when applicable. • Selector confirms renewal with Technical Services or notifies Technical Services about the decision to terminate the subscription. • Note: A new / modified license requires that the entire workflow be re-applied prior to renewal. • The Selector announces cancellations via existing library news channels

  26. You need to go with the flow… • Information on websites varies by vendor...some have detailed some have almost nothing. • It is the rare case you can get answers to all the questions on the form by just websites. You generally need to talk to one or more people (sales, tech support, etc). • Pricing models vary substantially. It can be fixed, vary by number of students, etc. • Don’t assume, get it in writing, email is fine. If the person does not know ask them to get back to you…

  27. Manage your requests • Keep a file of what requests you are preparing, who you talked to, when, what was discussed. • 1st will be the hardest, after that it should go smoother. • Send questions to: