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  1. SEASONS Angela White-Knox Edu 506 March 11, 2000

  2. Winter

  3. Fall

  4. Spring

  5. The seasons are caused by the tilt of the earth as it journeys around the sun during the year. • There are four seasons which are: • Winter • Spring • Summer • Autumn

  6. The changing seasons affect plants, animals, people, and the weather. • Squirrels gather nuts. They store nuts in places like hollow logs. Then when winter comes they will have some food. • Monarch butterflies fly to warmer places in Autumn. • In the summer time people wear lighter clothes to keep cool.

  7. The amount of daylight increases and decreases with the changes of the seasons. • When the days become longer it is spring . • When the days become shorter it is winter .

  8. Some materials protect people from cold weather better than others. • People wear coats , jacket and scarves in the winter time. • People wear short sleeves, shorts and sandals in the Summer and Spring

  9. Summer is the season between spring and fall. Some characteristics of summer are: The weather is usually hot in most areas. People like to engage in outdoor activities such fishing, swimming, boating, and ball sports during the summer. Trees and flowers bloom and grow, and fruits, nuts and vegetables ripen enough to be eaten and enjoyed in the summer.

  10. Thank You for watching this presentation and I hope that you have enjoyed it.