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2 daydreaming n.
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2. Wandering off in fantasy land PowerPoint Presentation
2. Wandering off in fantasy land

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2. Wandering off in fantasy land

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  1. 2. Daydreaming

  2. What is your dream? • When you grow up, you want to…

  3. Do you want to become… an astronaut a model an athlete a detective

  4. Do you want to… learn to drive pass an exam earn a lot of money win a contest (competition)

  5. Activity 1: (text p.7) What are the children daydreaming about? • Please look at the picture on p.7 and tell your teacher what they children are daydreaming about.

  6. Examples • Tom is daydreaming aboutlearning to drive. • Mary is daydreaming aboutbecominga model.

  7. What about the others? • Peter is daydreaming about becominga detective. • Sally is daydreaming about becomingan astronaut. • Betty is daydreaming about becomingan athlete.

  8. Charlie is daydreaming about passing an exam. • Harry is daydreaming about earning a lot of money. • Candy is daydreaming about winning a contest.

  9. Activity 2: Make sentences (text p.8) • The children (Mary, Peter, Sally and Harry) are daydreaming about what they will do in the future. • *Please make sentences about their daydreams.

  10. Examples • Mary: • I’ll become a famous model andwear beautiful clothes. • Peter: • I’ll become a detective andcatch robbers.

  11. What about Sally and Harry? • Sally: • I’ll become an astronaut andgo to the moon. • Harry: • I’ll buy a plane andfly to America.

  12. Activity 3: Act Mr and Mrs Chow (text p.8) • Look at the picture on p.8. • Mr and Mrs Chow are daydreaming about buying a house and a car. • Please act them.

  13. Case 1: Buying a house • Mrs Chow: • swimming pool / garden • I like the house with the swimming pool and garden. • Mr Chow: • big balcony / beautiful view • I like the house with the big balcony and beautiful view.

  14. Case 2: Buying a car • Mr Chow: • big wheels / five doors • I like the car with the big wheels and five doors. • Mrs Chow: • open roof / two doors • I like the car with the open roof and two doors.

  15. Activity 4: What is Polly’s mother saying? (text p.9) • Polly is always daydreaming. She is careless too. • *Please look at the pictures on p.9 and find out what her mother is saying to remind her.

  16. Examples • 1. fail your exams • Don’t daydream. • If you daydream, you’ll fail your exams. • 2. have an accident • Don’t play near the road. • If you play near the road, you’ll have an accident.

  17. Exercises • 3. burn your hand • Don’t touch the iron. • If you touch the iron, you’ll burn your hand. • 4. fall out • Don’t lean out of the window. • If you lean out of the window, you’ll fall out.

  18. Exercises • 5. get a headache • Don’t go to bed with wet hair. • If you go to bed with wet hair, you’ll get a headache. • 6. go (become) deaf • Don’t listen to loud music. • If you listen to loud music, you’ll go (become) deaf.

  19. Activity 5: Read a poem - “My daydream” (text p.10) • It is about Charlie’s daydream on his future.

  20. Paragraph 1 I won’t have a pet, Anymore*, anymore, I won’t have a pet anymore, I love animals so I’ll work in a zoo, When I’m twenty-two. *Anymore (= any more) means “any longer”.

  21. Paragraph 2 I won’t have play with toys, Anymore, anymore, I won’t play with toys anymore, I’ll have a wife and a big family, When I’m thirty-three.

  22. Paragraph 3 I won’t read comics, Anymore, anymore, I won’t read comics anymore, I’ll bea judge* and study law, When I’m forty-four. *A judge is the person who works in court and makes the final decision.

  23. Paragraph 4 I won’t have PE lessons, Anymore, anymore, I won’t have PE lessons anymore, I’ll look after myself and go for arun*, When I’m sixty-one. *A run (noun) means the act or period of running.

  24. Question 1 • In Charlie’s daydream, what will he do when he is twenty-two? • Feed his pet. • Work in a zoo. • Get a new pet.

  25. Question 2 • What do people go to see in a zoo? • Pets. • Animals. • Fish.

  26. Question 3 • What do Charlie daydream he will have when he is thirty-three? • A lot of animals. • A lot of toys. • A lot of children.

  27. Question 4 • When Charlie is thirty-three, he is married to… • His wife. • His children. • His family.

  28. Question 5 • In Charlie’s daydream, what job will he have when he is forty-four? • A zoo keeper. • A teacher. • A judge.

  29. Question 6 • What do judges do in Charlie’s daydream? • They fly planes. • They study law. • They read comics.

  30. Question 7 • In Charlie’s daydream, how will he keep fit when he is sixty-one? • Have PE lessons. • Go running. • Play with his grandchildren.

  31. Activity 6: What will you do? (text p.11) • The children are daydreaming. Read their conversation. • Girl: You’ve won a holiday to Thailand. What will you do? • Boy:Maybe / Perhaps I’ll go to the beach and visit a temple.

  32. Now, work in pairs. Read the following sentences. What will you do? • You have a holiday tomorrow. • You’ve won a million dollars.

  33. Example 1 • Pupil A: • You have a holiday tomorrow. What will you do? • Pupil B: • Maybe / Perhaps I’ll go to the cinema and watch a film.

  34. Example 2 • Pupil A: • You’ve won a million dollars. What will you do? • Pupil B: • Maybe / Perhaps I’ll travel around the world and eat all delicious food.

  35. Activity 7: Do you ever daydream? (text p.12) What will you doif you … • win a million dollars? • have a school holiday tomorrow? • meet your favourite pop star? • *Please tick your answers or write your own ideas on p.12.

  36. If you win a million dollars, what will you do? • I will buy a big car with an open roof. • I will buy a house with a swimming pool. • I will buy a zoo with lots of animals. • I will buy a lot of fashionable clothes. • I will give a lot of money to poor people. • I will study abroad (oversea). • etc…

  37. 2. If you have a school holiday tomorrow, what will you do? • I will go on a picnic. • I will sleep late. • I will watch TV all day. • I will go shopping. • I will play computer games all day. • I will visit my friends / relatives. • I will go to the library. • etc…

  38. 3. If you meet your favourite pop star, what will you do? • I will take his / her photograph. • I will take photos with him / her. • I will ask him / her to sign his / her name. • I will talk to him / her. • I will ask him about his / her life. • etc…

  39. Activity 8: Questionnaire (text p.12) • Ask your friend the following questions and complete the questionnaire on p.12. • If you become a film star, what will you do? • If you have an accident, what will you do?

  40. 4. If you become a film star, what will you do? • I will travel around the world. • I will wear beautiful clothes. • I will buy an expensive car. • I will make my own film. • I will live in a luxury flat. • I will wear a pair of sun glasses. • etc…

  41. 5. If you have an accident, what will you do? • I will go to hospital. • I will call my parents (mother / father). • I will call an ambulance. • I will call my neighbour. • I will cry and wait for help. • etc…