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roxie mitchell senior solution specialist higher education k 12 microsoft corporation n.
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Roxie Mitchell Senior Arrangement Pro, Advanced education and K-12 Microsoft Company PowerPoint Presentation
Roxie Mitchell Senior Arrangement Pro, Advanced education and K-12 Microsoft Company

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Roxie Mitchell Senior Arrangement Pro, Advanced education and K-12 Microsoft Company

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  1. Live@edu! Roxie Mitchell Senior Solution Specialist, Higher Education & K-12 Microsoft Corporation

  2. The Best of … User Experience Rich UX, offline access Familiar Experience Anywhere access Form factors and mobility IT Experience Management and compliance Advanced security Economies of skill Premium business continuity Microsoft Software + Services Power of Choice Online Desktop Devices Software + Services Servers

  3. “I need to save time and money: resources and budget is tight” “I need control, direct access, and granularity over my student email” “Needs to be easy to access across multiple browsers and platforms” ADMINISTRATION “I want to provide students more innovative tools, but email is my primary concern” “I want to reduce spam, and protect my students” “I want to reduce administrative burden: needs to be automated”

  4. Live@edu Mail via Exchange Labs • Product description • 10GB mail / calendar / contacts for your institution • Enterprise messaging email based on Exchange • Secure, encrypted service • Outlook, OWA, Pop, IMAP, and Mobile access • Integration with school portal, or other on-premise systems Value to institution • Provide an official school email, that integrates with your on-premise environment • Reduce costs and save time • Rich environment that allows administrators control and direct access Value to student • Alumni email enables students to maintain their network of peers after graduation • Students can forward mail to personal email account • Allow students to use multiple aliases

  5. Rich IT Administration & Control even in a hosted environment • Message tracking logs: identify if a mail was delivered or not (* for mails sent from within the service) • Cross mailbox search enabled for AdministratorsFall, 2008 • Encrypted end to end • Remote Power Shell: command line access to your data for rich administration and reporting • Web-Services Enabled: Integrate your student mail directly with your portal or other systems • Journaling: copy messages sent or received from a specific mailbox to any SMTP address (* Jan 2009)

  6. Keep students safe and protect their privacy • Spam and Virus Filtering is handled by Microsoft • Email content is not scanned, privacy is a top concern Restrict the use of your student email system: • Anti-bullying: Leverage journaling to monitor problematic student accounts • Privacy restriction: Remove individual students out of the GAL based on their request (* Jan 2009) • Whitelist your University IP’s so that content is delivered with no issues

  7. Reduce Administrative Burden: Integrate your on-premise environment with your off-premise email • Leverage the data you already have: Create accounts directly from data in your student directory! (LDAP, AD, Oracle, etc) • Faculty and Staff can show up in Address Book * via mail enabled contacts or GAL Sync (Jan 2009) • Shared free / busy between students and with faculty and staff! * if users have Exchange 2007 on premise (Jan 2009) • Dynamic Distribution Lists supported • Web-Services Enabled: Integrate your student mail directly with your university portal or other on-premise system

  8. > > Anytime, Anywhere Access to your email. • Full Exchange end-user experience: Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Mobility, POP, and IMAP

  9. Brand your schools OWA Page

  10. “I want to an easy way to communicate with faculty” “Email is so ‘Yesterday’ ” “I already have 4 email accounts, give me something cool” STUDENTS “I have to store classwork in my email because there’s no where else to put it” “There’s no one place to access my group project work” “I don’t want to wait for my professor to create a site for me, EMPOWER ME”

  11. “I want to collaborate with other faculty members at my school” “Its too difficult to use personal email accounts for students, give them one official school account” “I want to collaborate with other universities” FACULTY “I need an easy way to share content with my students “I’d love a web-based project folder that I can create and control” “Give me easy tools to leverage in my classroom”

  12. Live@edu is Much More than just e-mail. Exchange Inbox Calendar Contacts Collaborate Communicate Office Live Workspace Mobile Alerts Shared View Messenger SkyDrive Mobile Windows Live Spaces Password: ******* More in Beta…

  13. Office Live Workspaces • Product description • Built on SharePoint technology • Empowers students, faculty, and • staff to create their own • collaboration workspaces! • Store up to 1000 documents for • Collaboration (1GB of additional • storage space) • You control who can view or edit • your content • Value to student • Provides a collaborative workspace for students to work together on projects • Share files with others without having to email, and while being updated as things change within workspace • Can view files directly within the browser Value to institution • Provide users with a tool that allows them to work together for both school and personal needs • If you’re currently not offering storage to students, this can be a new offering with ZERO costs • Can be offered to faculty/staff – so all that is needed is internet connectivity

  14. Office Live Workspace • Built on SharePoint technology • Empowers students, teachers, and staff to create their own collaboration workspaces! • Store up to 1000 documents for Collaboration (1GB of additional storage space) • You control who can view or edit your content

  15. Great additional functionality: • Integrates directly with Microsoft Office XP, 2003, and 2007 • Store multiple versions of a document, to roll-back to a previous version if necessary • Sign up to receive ‘alerts’ when a particular document has been changed • Also create web notes and lists directly in the browser

  16. SkyDrive • Product description • 5GB of hosted file storage • Think of this like a thumb drive on the web • Fully accessible via web-browser • Can have folders that are: • private • shared with others, or • open to anyone on the Internet • Value to student • Students don’t need to carry thumb drives that can get lost or stolen • Provides students with storage that can be accessed anywhere that they have internet connectivity • Can easily share with others as well as have private information Value to institution • If offering storage to students today, this can replace current offering and provide greater disk space • If you’re not offering storage to students, this can be a new offering with ZERO costs. • Can be offered to faculty/staff – so all that is needed is internet connectivity

  17. Share large files with SkyDrive: a password protected 5GB Virtual Hard Drive No more storing files on a easily lose able USB stick, users can now post their files in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access!

  18. Collaborate in Real-Time with SharedView • Share your entire desktop or specific applications with up to 15 • remote users • Work together in real time and simultaneously edit documents

  19. Demo New Appointment Select a Contact Erik Desbois

  20. Two Easy Ways to Deploy Live@Edu • You set the User Name and Password • * students can reset their passwords online • You choose the domain address • Point your MX record to our servers • Automate the account creation between your • Student Directory and the Live@Edu service

  21. Why Live@edu? • Access & Control: direct access and control over your data with discovery functionality right out of the box! • Security: built right in, no additional costs or admin console to manage • Global Address List and DL support: add faculty and staff members, determine who can create DL’s • Tools that students will leverage: 11GB of additional collaboration and virtual file storage capabilities w/ real time sharing! • Privacy: Content is never scanned for targeted ads • Enterprise features: ActiveSync support, integration with SharePoint & other on-premise systems

  22. Cost / Satisfaction Benefits Student Satisfaction Provide students with the SPACE they want and are looking for ( many students forward email due to small space offered at school ) Provide students with a way to communicate at school and even after they graduate! Provide students with new collaborative offerings that work the way they do: on-line and collaboratively Provide students with tools that will allow them to access their files across multiple devices, at anytime Cost Benefits • Reduce infrastructure costs: less servers and less disk space needed • Reduce costs associated with backing up both email and disk space for student portion • Reduce costs associated with protecting from viruses and spam for student email • Re-deploy infrastructure and resources to other strategic projects • Microsoft Live@edu services are FREE for students/ alumni/ and retired faculty • Let us know if you’d like to learn more about Live@edu for faculty and staff • Integration with institutional systems

  23. Next Steps Thank you! • It’s Quick and East to set a pilot up – takes less than 24 hours! • You can set a pilot up for your IT Staff, a small group of students, etc. You can have 5 or 500 people in a pilot • Email: LiveEdUs@microsoft.comto get started! • Visit one of our Sites to Learn More about Live@Edu: • IT Admin Site: • Student Site: • Marketing Site: • Get Deployed

  24. Any Questions? 8

  25. FAQ’s • Can my faculty and staff use Live@Edu? Your faculty and staff can use it in two ways: • Faculty and Staff can use all of the collaboration portions of Live@Edu but stay with on-premise email • Faculty/Staff can use ExchangeLabs, but there are additional conversations that we need to have regarding price • Who handles helpdesk calls? School support issue: Microsoft provides full Live@edu support to the school, with 24/5 access. We also have rich support SLA’s Student support issue: We provide 24/7 web-based support for email and services, but the school provides phone based support

  26. Are there any ads in the environment? There are no ads in the web environment for students and faculty and staff. Non-students (parents, alumni, etc) will eventually have ads in the environment (sometime in 2009) (if you use MSN messenger there are ads for anyone) • Do I have full administration capability? Email: You have high administrative capabilities in email. You can access student mailboxes via impersonation, turn on transport journaling, delete an account, etc (* Jan 2009) Other Services: You do not have administrative capabilities in these services. You can delete a student account for inappropriate conduct, or have Microsoft remove content.

  27. What about back up and storage, and accidental deletions? Back-up and Storage: We store our content on three redundant servers. We have HVAC systems, rich security, etc. Deletions: Content is stored in the deleted items folder for 15 days. It will then be available in the recovery items folder for an additional 15 days. • Is there a way that I can restrict the non-email services for Live@edu? While you can restrict access to the services via your firewall, and choose not to promote them, students can still access them when not at school

  28. How long does it take to deploy? Deploying the technology is the easy part! What usually takes some time is: • Testing the service: It is extremely important to test the service! Please pilot large groups, and make sure this service meets your requirements. • There are a lot of internal upfront decisions you’ll need to make, such as: • Are we going to restrict domains? • Do we have an acceptable use policy (AUP) in place? • How are we going to handle students who violate the policy? • Will each department use their own domain? Each Major? • Do we want to have a global address book? If so, are we going to restrict it?