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Session 1B3: Propelled Coordinated effort Administrations PowerPoint Presentation
Session 1B3: Propelled Coordinated effort Administrations

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Session 1B3: Propelled Coordinated effort Administrations

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  1. Session 1B3: Advanced Collaboration Services Jerry Labie CEO, Open-Xchange Inc May 8th, 2:30pm – 3:00pm

  2. SME Market • Under served re: IT • Cost/expertise • Need/demand is there • SaaS is the solution • Hosters well positioned to offer SaaS • Demand for E-mail & collaboration strong • TTM is critical • Open-Xchange supports these needs Presentation Title (Manually Change in Master Slide)

  3. Collaboration Needs Are Changing • SMB market is driving growth of groupware • Hosting providers must offer competitive solutions • Cost effective solutions create additional revenue from customer base “Growth in the hosted business e-mail segment will be driven by SOHOs and small to medium-sized businesses.The continually improving functionality of hosted business e-mail services is a boon for these businesses, enabling them to deploy advanced messaging and collaboration features to end users without having to purchase and manage costly insourced software.” Source: Radicati Group Hosting E-mail Market, 2006-2010 Advanced Collaboration Services

  4. SME users today are challenged by information overflow Creates demand for functionality beyond eMail But needs to be integrated, cheap, safe and secure 4

  5. Low High Functionality/Level of Customization Hosted Email Market - 2010 Managed Business Email Provider Very Large Managed Business Email (7.8M) Large Courtesy of the Radicati Group - Hosted E-mail Market, 2006-2010 Hosted Business Email Providers Target Market SMEs ISP/Webmail & Hosted (383M) ISP/Webmail Providers SME Market Consumer ISP/Webmail Consumers 5 Advanced Collaboration Services

  6. Hosters need Key Differentiators to compete with MS and Google Hosters today Price competitive thanks to Open Source Software Existing strong SMB customer base Under attack from two sides - Web and Software companies Hosters competitive strategy Evolve from Technology to Service Provider Requires applications which fit their DNA Need to fully integrate apps into existing infrastructure and business processes Demand for a flexible licensing model Ability to offer a high-value service at a disruptive price point 6

  7. Webmail Servers OX Servers Open-Xchange Hosting Infrastructure Load Balancer Request Billing Servers Web Servers Provisioning Servers Mail Store MTAs Edge MTAs Database Servers Incoming Email 7 Advanced Collaboration Services

  8. Open-Xchange delivers what Hosters need Functionality Integration Scalability Business Model 8

  9. Questions and Answers Q&A 9 Advanced Collaboration Services