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  2. BİLİŞİMCİ MARTILAR OUR SLOGAN: “Physics in the Music”

  3. BİLİŞİMCİ MARTILAR THE NAME OF OUR PROJECT GROUP: Harmoni The Name of Our Project Teaching of the sound cooperation concepts of art and science Our subject Reveals the difficulties in teaching science and providing solutions Our general goal An interdisciplinary approach to teaching science Our special goal Education the concept sounds of music and physical in collaboration with OUR COLOUR: Blue & White

  4. Sinan Seyhan Leader Student Özge Seçmen Coordinator Hasan Zühtü Okulu The Responsible for Budget Aslı Erbudak The Responsible for Communications Esma Dilman The Responsible ICT and Web Seval Bozbay The Responsible of Art Pelin Ertekin The Responsible of Activities ASS. PROF. DR. KEMAL YÜRÜMEZOĞLU Project Consultant Ass. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Oğuz-Ünver Ass. Prof. Dr. Necdet Aykaç Instructor Kaan Kasar Other Proje Consultants

  5. Determination of the Problem


  7. Applicability of the activity which is Science and Technology and Music books, Textbooks, and various Experiment and Activity books in was measured, the implementation isdifficult or does not give results as stated in the books of the experiments discussed. • A meeting was done with Kaan Kasar who is the instructor of Mugla University, Depertmant of Music Education. • A conservation was organized and carried out with Halil Urgancı who is “Bilişimci Martılar” project director of Turgut Reis High School. • A discuusion which is about "Visualization of Sound Waves“ was done with instructors of Mugla University Vocational High School Department of Electronics Tecnology.

  8. H. Zühtü Okulu, who is the member of our group, visited "Techmania Science Center" at Pilsen which is one of the city of Czech Republic and “Deutsche Technikmuseum” at Berlin. Besides he shared the experiments which is recorded by him at "sound Experiments" section of the museums with us. We applied the chain of activities which is planned by us to the students from Mugla University, Faculity of Education Department of Primary School Education 2nd grade and Elementary Science Education 3rd grade. The following chain of events is applied to the results obtained from the findings.

  9. What are the Resources of Difficulties Encountered in the Teaching of Science?

  10. The Resources of Difficulties encountered in science teaching are; • Teacher qualifications(24.87%) • Misconceptions(31.78%) • Student’s performances (13.9%) and • The lack of teaching methods and techniques used(29.45%) as listed. The source of the difficulties in teaching science in the first place 31.78% rates of "misconceptions" are taken.

  11. What are the causes of misconceptions?

  12. The reasons for the misconceptions are; • Learned the wrong concepts (17.2%) • False interpretation of natural phenomena (10.21%) • Experiments in the teaching of the concept of no-(%18.81) • Not make an association between concepts (1129%) • abstract concepts (18.3%) • The concept of inter-disciplinary differences(24.19%) are listed. The first place because of the misconceptions of 24.19% hood than "the concept of inter-disciplinary differences" are. Especially in the teaching of science is interdisciplinary interaction, is proposed to present issues.

  13. Led us to make this project Dr. Hayal Köksal, Mugla University, Faculty of Education Dean Prof. Dr. Şule Aycan Our project leader Ass.Prof.Dr.Kemal YÜRÜMEZOĞLU Our faculty members to support; Ass.Prof.Dr.Ayşe Oğuz-Ünver Ass.Prof.Dr.Necdet Aykaç Instructor Kaan Kasar

  14. Turgut Reis High School "Seagulls" project coordinator, Halil Urgancı Web design is not withheld assistance to us by Mugla University, Faculty of Education, Teaching Elementary Science 3rdgrade of students; Emre GÖNEN and to Göktürk ŞENTÜRK For contribution about implementing our projects and exchanging ideas with us on this issue, to Mugla University, Faculity of Education Department of Primary School Education 2nd grade and Elementary Science Education 3rd grade. THANKS A LOT….