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R&M FiberCurb

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R&M FiberCurb

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  1. R&M FiberCurb The fiber optic system for cross connection cabinets

  2. Cross Connection System - R&M FiberCurb

  3. Cross Connection Cabinets - The requirements Accommodation of active devices (e.g. ONU) Fiber splitting Lead-through splicings Loose tubes deposit

  4. R&M FiberCurb - Key components FO Mounting channel Connector module Lead-through module Splice module

  5. R&M FiberCurb - The principle Guiding rail Locking fixture Removal, insertion Loose tube

  6. R&M FiberCurb From channel to channel, at the top Patch cord overlengths deposit Patch channel From bay to bay, at the bottom

  7. Example of numbering: A027 A028 A029 A030 A031 A032 Separation of tubes per service Overlength cassette R&M FiberCurb - Components Separating the individual services by single fiber management Services such as.: - SDH - ATM - Frame Relay

  8. R&M FiberCurb - Accessories FO Mounting channel for 1, 5 as well as 6 modules Splicing aid

  9. R&M FiberCurb - Mounting possibilities High capacity (up to 144 FO terminations per channel) Hybrid applications (FO / copper) Patch rack

  10. R&M FiberCurb - Mounting possibilities Termination of basic element and earth Customer-oriented, modular structure Mounting backplane

  11. ONU Mixed applications (FO / copper / active) Power (220 Volt) Connector module 12 x SC APC 8° FO Mounting channel for 5 modules Copper connector blocks

  12. R&M FiberCurb - Simple splicing Optimum accessibility

  13. R&M FiberCurb - Operating instruction