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Renewable Vitality and Green Occupations: Where are the Employments and Vocation Opportunities? PowerPoint Presentation
Renewable Vitality and Green Occupations: Where are the Employments and Vocation Opportunities?

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Renewable Vitality and Green Occupations: Where are the Employments and Vocation Opportunities?

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  1. Renewable Energy and Green Jobs: Where are the Jobs & Career Opportunities? John L. Cusack President, Gifford Park Associates and Adjunct Finance Professor, Iona College Encouraging Students Towards STEM & IT Careers- Principles, Supervisors, and School Counselors Conference 23 March 2010 GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  2. Where My Perspective Comes From… • 30+ years staff & senior executive experience in the • financial, environmental, energy & technology industries • President, Gifford Park Associates (a sustainability • management consulting to business/financial firms) • Co-founder and startup CEO of Innovest Strategic Value • Advisors, one of the first corporate sustainability • performance rating agencies/investment research houses • Former Executive Director of the NJ Higher • Education Partnership for Sustainability (NJHEPS) • Adjunct Finance Professor, Iona College (teaching course • entitled “Sustainable Finance” for past 4 years) • MCE in Enviro. Eng’ring & Science, BCE in Civil Eng’ring, • (Manhattan College), MBA in Mgmt. (NYU Stern School) GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  3. Agenda • What is a “Green Job”? • Emerging Alternative Energy/Green Jobs • Other Green Occupations • Key to Success- think Sustainable, not Green • Examples from the Business World • Advice for Career Advisors on the Future Sustainable Business and Academic Worlds GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  4. What Is a Green Job? “Greenjobs…help conserve energy, promote the deployment of new technologies, and contribute to the mission of becoming a more sustainable nation.” Green Job Corps “...a major shift to renewable energy and efficiency is expected to produce 2 million new…Green jobs during the next three decades.” US Conference of Mayors “...a clean energy economy will help the private sector create 4 million new Green jobs.” President Barack Obama GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  5. Why we Need Green Jobs Now • Opportunity to create new jobs, or retraining the unemployed, in a time of economic downturn/turmoil. • Developing our renewable energy resources can reduce our dependence on foreign oil, & strengthen national security. • Promoting the use of domestic renewable energy resources and advanced technologies can create well-paying jobs. • Energy use reduction programs can reduce tax burdens of energy-inefficient public buildings and public housing. • We can mitigate/manage climate change by cutting green house gas emissions through cutting energy use. GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  6. Emerging Green Occupations • Tradesmen and Supervisors for Energy Efficiency Construction • Building Automation Specialist • Renewable Energy Site Assessor • Renewable Energy Systems Installer • Green Building Operator • Green Landscape Professional • Geothermal Specialist • Ice Storage Technician • Biofuel Processing Technician • Fuel Cell Technician • Wind Turbine Technician • Advanced Transportation Systems Technician • Waste Handling Engineer • Green Building Maintainer GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  7. Growth in NJ Solar Photovoltaics NJ now has second largest number of solar installations in USA, has highest MW of production/sq. mile of solar photovoltaic energy in USA ( GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  8. NJ Green Education Continuum • Utilizing the existing agencies and our higher education structure, New Jersey could create a continuum of educational programs and certification training to prepare participants with the skills necessary to tackle tomorrow’s energy and sustainability career opportunities. • Tier 1 Research Opportunities • - Rutgers, NJIT, Princeton, Stevens, Rowan, etc. • Business Applications • - Stevens Environmental Entrepreneurshp Program and FDU’s Institute for Sutainable Enterprise, 14 State incubators • Tomorrow’s High-Tech Technicians • - Community Colleges, Senior Colleges & Research Institutions • Upgrade Trades and Apprenticeships • - Labor Unions, Community Colleges, Utilities • Urban Revitalization & Small Business Development • - Department of Labor, EDA, Business Incubators, BPU/Utility Incentives GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  9. NJ Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability (NJHEPS) • Consortium of 47 NJ higher education institutions (+ one NY college), promoting and practicing the integration of sustainability into higher education • Sponsors services, events & conferences to share best practices and promote sustainable operations, curriculum and communities • Membership-driven agenda and teams • Has worked with a number of New Jersey colleges and universities on Green jobs issues • Lean- Just one NJHEPS staff people, plus interns, plus volunteers • Visit website, for more information GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  10. What About Other ‘Green’ Careers? • There are MANY more “Green” Career Positions beyond Alternative Energy & Green Jobs in the Business World: • Financial Jobs • Trade Renewable Energy, & Carbon Credit Trading • Venture Capitalists • Analyze financial impacts of sustainability issues on bottom line • Analyze climate change risks for insurance industry • Operations Management • Sustainability Coordinator • Green Processes Engineer • Marketing • Green Products Marketing/Sales Manager • Research & Development • Green Products Developer/Innovator • Senior Management • Chief Sustainability Officer GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  11. Key to Success: Don’t Aim for a Green Job, But Aim to Make Any Job Green… • Tell Students to aim to work for a sustainable company- i.e., one with good values and culture. • Train Studentshow sustainability principles are applied to business & society’s decisions, which should lead to better business decisions from society’s standpoint, no matter what is one’s job. • Sustainability/green issues are very inter-disciplinary: suggest you introduce students to systems thinking and holistic approaches. GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  12. Key to Success: Don’t Aim for a Green Job, But How to Make any Job Green… • Beware of subsidy-driven jobs.- i.e., NJ Governor freezing $150m in funds targeted towards energy efficiency and renewable energy jobs, despite statistic that gross state product is increased $5.70 for every $1.00 spent by efficiency programs, resulting in the equivalent of 41 additional jobs for each million dollars of annual spending, saving operating costs for life of building or factory, and cutting climate risks.* • As Sustainability is increasingly integrated into business/government polices, processes and culture, all careers will become Green & Sustainable! * source: Environment NorthEast Report, “Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic Growth,”, March 2010 GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  13. What is Sustainability? - More than Just Being Green… • My definition of sustainability is: “ integrating environmental, social and economic issues into all the decision-making processes of an organization or person.” • “… development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”* • * The Brundtland Commission on Sustainable Development (1983) GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  14. Sustainable Business: “The major challenge -and opportunity - of our time is to create a form of commerce that uplifts the entire human community of 6.5 billion and does so in a way that respects both natural and cultural diversity. Indeed, that is the only realistic and viable pathway to a sustainable world, And business can - and must - lead the way.” Stuart L. Hart, Professor of Sustainability, Cornell Business School (2007) ©FJ Corp 2009 - Portfolio Strategy, Product Development & Investment Risk Management

  15. Companies can be Successful AND Sustainable GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  16. What Business Sustainability Risks & Opportunities Are Creating Jobs? • Biggest job creation sustainability risks/opportunities are related to climate change & energy use solutions. - Behavior as important as Technology… • Second largest risk/opportunity is Water, and often water & climate change issues are closely linked. • The third is the shift in mainstream consumers towards ‘green’ sustainable products (and not just cars). • Procter & Gamble announced they are making 500 of their leading products ‘more sustainable’ to serve mainstream markets, not the environmental fringe market. GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  17. What the Financial & Corporate Sectors Think of Sustainability “Sustainability, without a real business case, is mere philanthropy; without measurement, mere whimsy; without meaningful reporting to shareholders, mere public relations.Today’s best-run companies – and smartest investors – are seeing sustainability for what it truly is: a strategic business driver that will separate the winners from the losers in the next decade. “ - Andrew Savitz, former lead partner of PWC’S Sustainable Business Practices Group, in the 25 Oct 2005 issue of the Financial Times GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  18. What the Accounting Sector Thinks of Sustainability “Professional accountants need to adapt to a world in which sustainability is the key to long-term business performance, and need to understand how, in their diverse roles in organizations, they play a significant role.” - The International Federation of Accountants, Sustainability Framework, 6 February 2009( GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  19. Sustainability Examples from the Business World: • Nearly 70 per cent of chief executives of mid-sized to large businesses believe sustainability is vital to their firm’s profitability, will remain a high priority and become a competitive business advantage (PWC survey). • 475 investment firms ,controlling over $55 trillion of assets, signed a letter asking CEO’s of the world’s 3,000 largest firms to report their climate change strategy, risks and opportunities to investors. 80% response rate! • State pension funds like CalSTRS use sustainability performance as an investment screen AND earn higher investment returns with lower risks. • Leading companies increased, or kept constant, sustainability spending during recession, and had higher profits than peers. GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  20. Sustainability Issues Affect Business Responsibility & Ethics: • “Business cannot succeed in societies that fail. There is no future for successful business if the societies that surround it are not working. Governments and business must create partnerships to deliver essential societal services like energy, water, health care and infrastructure.” - Bjorn Stigson, President, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, 2008 GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  21. Being Sustainable is Often Just Being Efficient,Which Adds Significant Economic Value In (cost) Waste (cost) Industrial Process/Service • Out • (revenue) Basic Economics: What comes in must equal what goes out -reducing waste adds output or reduces input- thus adding revenue or cutting costs! GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  22. Is Climate Change Really Happening?- the Debate is Over…

  23. What Academic Leaders Think of Sustainability • Sustainability has every potential to become a new principle for organizing knowledge production and application and for reorganizing our institutions. [It] is a concept with as much transformative potential as justice, liberty, and equality. - Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University • ‘If higher education is not relevant to solving the crisis of global warming, it is not relevant, period.’ - David Hales, President, College of the Atlantic GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  24. So What Does This Mean for High School Career Advisors? • Suggesting that students be ‘green’, will not be enough. • Key is to have a job that adds value. Can students help business implement sustainability in a manner that adds economic, environmental, social and moral value for businesses? Then they will not just a job, but a career… • It may help to attend a college/university that values sustainability. Look for sustainability in their campus operations, curricula, research and communities. Ratings available from Princeton Review, NWF, SEI, others. • If sustainability is important to business, ask why is there not more teaching about sustainability in education? GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  25. Advice to Students, Faculty & Advisors - Give yourself a competitive advantage by learning more about sustainability issues, and how they affect you and your (and students) career. • - Remember every job can be a ‘green’ job, if you • integrate sustainability issues into your decisions. • Consider these issues in both your personal and • business life… (purchasing, voting, investing, etc.) • Tell students to never stop learning, as impact of • sustainability issues on business is rapidly changing! GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES

  26. GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES Summary- Being Sustainable Can Materially Affect Your Students’ Future, and Society’s • Businesses will need employees who can measure, assess, manage, research and make informed decisions on sustainability issues in the business world & society. • Many of these issues will require science, technology, engineering & math skills, including behavorial sciences. • Sustainability issues do have direct material financial impact, and are being used as indicators of good business management, talent recruitment and future performance. • Preparing your students for a sustainable society is the best career advice you can give- we are all in this together! “We have met the enemy and he is us”…Pogo

  27. A Final Thought: • “Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry on as if nothing happened.” - Winston Churchill • Don’t let obstacles & barriers prevent your students from being active participants in a sustainable society through embarking on science, technology, engineering, math and IT careers!!!

  28. My Contact Information • Web Site: • Phone: GPA: +914-527-3085 (USA) • Email: GIFFORD PARK ASSOCIATES