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micro controlled cabin lights n.
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Smaller scale Controlled Lodge Lights PowerPoint Presentation
Smaller scale Controlled Lodge Lights

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Smaller scale Controlled Lodge Lights

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  1. Micro Controlled Cabin Lights Ron Acker EKU Dept. of Technology, CEN/CET

  2. OUTLINE • Motivation for the project • Introduction of the project • Problems Statement • Proposed solution to achieve my goal • Result • Conclusion • Future work to be done • Suggestions and Questions

  3. Motivation • When I first started staying in the cabin I needed light • kerosene lamp; not enough light • Coleman lantern good light, but with the light came heat which was not needed in August. • From this came the wanting the ability to be able to have electric lights.

  4. Introduction - Cabin • I built the cabin last year in my back yard then moved it to Franklin County. • Lumber yards • Electric to power my tools • I designed it in sections to make it easy to move using only wood screws and 3/8” machine bolts.

  5. Introduction – Cabin contd. • Electric lights in the cabin first I needed away to provide electricity to the cabin, electric lights don’t work to good with out it. • Using 12 volt marine batteries and a 12vdc to 120vac 110 watt inverter. • Researching into devices for controlling lights

  6. Introduction – X-10 • The web provide the information about X-10. There devices operate on the “Powerline” Interconnection Technologies. • Is a communications protocol that allows compatible home networking products to talk to each other via the existing electrical wiring in the home.

  7. Introduction – X-10 contd. • The home automation line consists of “controllers“ and ”receiver” modules. • The X-10 modules are plugged into household outlets or even mounted wall switches. • With the X-10 standard, you can literally walk into a nearby electronics store and purchase all of the necessary equipment required to automate your home.

  8. Introduction – Basic Stamp • The web also provide the information on which Micro Controller to use. • The Basic Stamp 2 as built in commands that can output signals to X-10. • Though hole OEM Basic Stamp 2 kit was half the price as the same micro in surface mounted.

  9. Introduction – Basic Stamp contd. • The OEM kit came with all the parts needed. • It is programmed with its own language (PBASIC).

  10. Problem Statement • Problem was how to get the X-10 signal off the power line to the Basic Stamp. • Using a TM751 Daughter board.

  11. Problem Statement – contd. • TM751 mother board blow • The X-10 Wireless receiver (TM751) can only receive signals • Wall switch (WS467) is only a receiver.

  12. Problems Statement – contd. • Timing in the Stamp program to get the lights to work. • X-10 needs a True Sine Wave to work, not a Modified Sine Wave.

  13. Proposed Solution • Looking on the internet for ideals or possible solutions to my lighting problem. • Designed the control circuit schematic • Wrote the Program for the Stamp

  14. Proposed Solution – contd. • X-10 signal to the stamp was the use of relays.

  15. Proposed Solution – contd. • Read the inputs from the X-10 devices and give the desired outputs. • Prevent the motion sensor from timing out then turning off the light.

  16. Proposed Solution – contd. • Motion Sensors from turning the lights on when you do not want them on.

  17. Results • I was able to get everything to working on my project that was in the light controlling part. • Mounted lights in cabin; Inside, Outside

  18. Results – contd. • Completed the soldering the basic stamp 2 OEM kit. • Completed wiring circuit on the bread board. • Completed writing stamp program in PBASIC. • Completed building box with all devices installed. • Completed building display board. • Completed testing and trouble shooting.

  19. Conclusions • Learned about the “Powerline” Interconnection Technologies • Learned how to use it to automate a home • Learned how to make household devices more convenient and secure to use.

  20. Conclusions – contd. • Basic Stamp • Learned setup and working • Programming • Experience from Capstone Course • Groups • Research

  21. Future Work • I plan on buying a true sine wave inverter to be able to power my light control system by marine batteries. • I plan to buy a solar panel system so I do not have to haul the batteries every time I am coming or going from the cabin so I can charge them. • Plan to install the project in the cabin.

  22. Suggestions and Questions Thank you for your time today!