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  2. THE FEAST-DAY Christmas is the principal holiday of the year. One can better define it a period of a series of celebrations which begin at the winter solstizio and lasts to the Epifania. Feasts in the popular tradition were bound to the closing of a seasonal cycle and the opening of the new cycle. The feast belongs at the Christian liturgic year, in which the birth remembers Jesus Christ, which in the western Christendom is celebrated on the 25th December, while in the eastern Christendom it is celebrated on the 6th January.

  3. SYMBOLS The Christmas symbols are many including the necklace of laurel to hang on the door and Santa Claus who rides a sled with reindeer.Another Christmas symbol is the Christmas tree and the mistletoe, under which one is kissed. There are also the puppets of snow and the crib.

  4. WHAT ONE DOES We eat turkey and “Cappelletti”, a kind of pasta, which are the typical Christmas lunches. The fir tree is adorned with coloured balls and ribbons, the crib is built with statues which symbolize the birth of Jesus. Generally, we are at home with the family, and in the morning we open our Christmas gifts.

  5. WHERE THE DATA COME FROM Natale/storia_natale.htm

  6. THE AUTHORS Pamela Visani Manuel Giorgi