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  1. Radio Cayman1 Remote Broadcast CLIENT ENTITLEMENTS • (20) 30-second promotional ads the week before the event to be broadcast on RC1. • 3 to 5 minute live on air broadcasts from the event location every 10-15 minutes. • Special event promotions/giveaways per client instructions, during the broadcast. Cost • Non-exclusive:$625.00/hour with a minimum of a 2-hour booking. • Exclusive:$925.00/hour with a minimum of a 2-hour booking. Exclusive meaning no other commercials will air during the event. A Remote Broadcast is a live program hosted by one or two on air personnel. (A.k.a. Radio Cayman’s Remote Crew.) Radio Cayman has a successful track record of outside broadcasts, with many satisfied clients including Kirk’s Supermarket Reflections, Home and Office City and Funky Tangs. Event location, time and date are advised by the client.