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The SBC Change

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The SBC Change

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  1. The SBC Transformation From local service provider to premier communications and entertainment services provider

  2. Cautionary Language Concerning Forward-Looking Statements Information set forth in this presentation contains financial estimates and other forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, and actual results might differ materially. A discussion of factors that may affect future results is contained in SBC’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. SBC disclaims any obligation to update or revise statements contained in this presentation based on new information or otherwise.

  3. Note In connection with the proposed transaction, SBC filed a registration statement, including a proxy statement of AT&T Corp., with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) on March 11, 2005 (File No. 333-123283).  Investors are urged to read the registration and proxy statement (including all amendments and supplements to it) because it contains important information.  Investors may obtain free copies of the registration and proxy statement, as well as other filings containing information about SBC and AT&T Corp., without charge, at the SEC’s Internet site (  These documents may also be obtained for free from SBC’s Investor Relations Web site ( or by directing a request to SBC Communications Inc., Stockholder Services, 175 E. Houston, San Antonio, Texas 78205. Free copies of AT&T Corp.’s filings may be accessed and downloaded for free at the AT&T Investor Relations Web Site ( or by directing a request to AT&T Corp., Investor Relations, One AT&T Way, Bedminster, New Jersey 07921. SBC, AT&T Corp. and their respective directors and executive officers and other members of management and employees may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies from AT&T shareholders in respect of the proposed transaction. Information regarding SBC’s directors and executive officers is available in SBC’s proxy statement for its 2005 annual meeting of stockholders, dated March 11, 2005, and information regarding AT&T Corp.’s directors and executive officers is available in the registration and proxy statement.  Additional information regarding the interests of such potential participants is included in the registration and proxy statement and other relevant documents filed with the SEC.

  4. Agenda • Changing Market Conditions • New technology/substitution • More competitors one The SBC Strategy • Project Lightspeed • Wireless/Wireline integration • Enterprise/AT&T Merger two • Delivering Customer Benefits • Consumer and small business • Enterprise business three

  5. The World Is Changing Separate services: Local, long distance, mobile, video, Internet Bundled services: All distance voice, voice/data/video packages from to Multi-use devices: Blackberries; mobile phones with messaging, e-mail, video; computer for Internet phone and IM Separate platforms: Phone for voice, computer for Internet from to Separate providers: Cable companies for video, phone companies for voice Multi-product providers: Cable, mobile, and wireline companies offering voice/video/data from to

  6. Wireline phone Wireless phone E-mail Instant messaging/chat SMS Wireline Phone No Longer Supports the Majority of Consumer Communications 2001 2003 Source: Forrester

  7. More Consumer ChoicesEvery Platform = Multiple Providers Broadband from satellite + 2 additional sources 62% Broadband from satellite + 1 additional source 29% 1 platform 3% 2 platforms 12% Broadband only from satellite 4% No broadband 5% 3 platforms 85% Voice Broadband ~97% of the population has access to at least 2 voice platforms ~91% of the population has access to 2 forms of broadband service Source: Warren’s Cable Database; Empower Wireless; Company Web sites

  8. More Competition • Voice and Data Providers • Cable Providers • Wireless Providers • VoIP Providers

  9. The SBC Strategy “ We intend to be the only communications and entertainment provider our customers will ever want. • Leading the IP transformation • Integrating the wireless/wireline experience • Becoming a major player in the enterprisebusiness market ” - Ed Whitacre, Chairman and CEO

  10. >Leading the IP Transformation State-of-the-art network, foundation for next-generation voice, Internet and data services

  11. >Leading the IP Transformation Project Lightspeed: $4 billion investment 40,000 miles of fiber Initial deployment to 18 million homes 20 — 25 Mbps of bandwidth

  12. >Leading the IP Transformation From IP platform, integrated video, wireless, broadband and voice services

  13. >Leading the IP Transformation IPTV will enablehigh-definition programming, customizable channels, video-on-demand, digital video recording, instant channel-changing, multiple PIPs

  14. Cingular Wireless is critical to our transformation and growth strategy, as customers look to new technologies for communications. >Wireless/Wireline Integration

  15. By integrating wireless and wireline services, customers have the ability to access seamless communications virtually anywhere, anytime, on any device. >Wireless/Wireline Integration

  16. With AT&T Wireless acquisition, Cingular Wireless has strongest spectrum position in the U.S. and presence in nation’s top 100 markets. >Wireless/Wireline Integration

  17. Spectrum enables companies tocreate powerful new services –in particular data services – for customers. >Wireless/Wireline Integration

  18. SBC FreedomLink Wi-Fi and high-speed EDGE technology for data available now. Cingular deploying even faster UMTS 3G technology this year. >Wireless/Wireline Integration

  19. >Enterprise Business Market Through the merger with AT&T, SBC will evolve into a global data and enterprise provider.

  20. >Enterprise Business Market The merger brings together two companies withcomplementary strengths, product sets and customer bases.

  21. >Enterprise Business Market The combined company will set the standard for transitioning from legacy technologies tonext-generation IP networks and services.

  22. Transformation Benefits for BusinessIntegrated IP Business Services

  23. Transformation Benefits for ConsumersA Digital Lifestyle

  24. The SBC Transformation From local service provider to premier communications and entertainment services provider