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  1. Business – Cost Estimating:A New DAWIA Career Path DONCAS 2009 September 17, 2009 Ms. Susan Wileman Office of the DON DACM

  2. Outline • Background • Business- Cost Estimating Requirements • Education • Experience • Training • Course Fulfillment • Waivers • References • Questions?

  3. Background • 22 Dec 08: USD (AT&L) approved restructure: • 1 April 09: OUSD (AT&L) issued Restructure Implementation Guidance • Signed by Director, Acquisition Resources and Analysis and Director, Human Capital Initiatives Business (BUS) Career Field Business, Cost Estimating, Financial Mgt (BCEFM) Career Field

  4. BackgroundOUSD (AT&L) Implementation Guidance • Two distinct career paths: • Business – Financial Management (BUS-FM) • Business – Cost Estimating (BUS-CE) • Data Systems* codes: • BUS-FM: “K” (current for BCEFM) • BUS-CE: “P” (“B” for Navy military) • Those in positions re-coded during restructure will have a 30-month (vs. 24) grace period • There will be no “grandfathering” • No action results in remaining a “K” Effective 1 Oct 09 • * Civ: Defense Civilian Personnel Data Sys • USMC Mil: Training Info Mgt Sys • Navy Mil: Total Force Manpower Mgt Sys

  5. BackgroundOUSD (AT&L) Implementation Guidance • Enclosure 2: BUS-CE Position Category Description • Duties, titles, locations, and typical career codes (e.g., occupational series for civilians) • Enclosure 4: BUS-CE Certification Standards and Core Plus Development Guides • Levels I, II, and III

  6. BUS-CE Education Requirements FY09 BCEFM: Formal education not required for certification Intent: Total of 24

  7. BUS-CE Experience Requirements In Business, Cost Estimating, Earned Value, and/or Financial Management In Cost Estimating * Note: Naval Acquisition Career Center recognizes that interns may not meet time requirement to graduate at Level II

  8. Training/Education Counting for Experience • Title 10 Chapter 87 Section 1723 b) Limitation on Credit for Training or Education: • Not more than one year of a period of time spent pursuing a program of academic training or education in acquisition may be counted toward fulfilling any requirement established under this chapter for a certain period of experience

  9. BUS-CE Training RequirementsLevel I Replaced BCF 101 in FY09 * Note: No differences from FY09 BCEFM Level I Training Requirements

  10. BUS-CE Training RequirementsLevel II * Distance Learning Yellow – existed before but mandatory in FY10; Red – new in FY10

  11. BUS-CE Training RequirementsLevel III Training Identified At Level II Must Have Been Completed Yellow – existed before but mandatory in FY10; Red – new in FY10

  12. Course Fulfillment • Course fulfillment is available to AT&L Workforce members only (i.e., in acquisition coded positions) • Course fulfillment provides a means to receive credit for DAU courses • Demonstrate competency through previous work experience, education, training, or combination

  13. Course Fulfillment • Form 2518 is used to fulfill courses • Cannot fulfill CL modules • See DON DAWIA Operating Guide for further information on fulfillment • DACM is considering “expedited fulfillment” option

  14. Waivers • Employee cannot be certified through a waiver!! • However, a waiver may be granted to allow employee to remain in position for specific period without being certified • AT&L Position Requirements (or Tenure) Waiver Form is DD 2905 • See DON DAWIA Operating Guide for Waiver information including Approving Authorities

  15. References • Susan Wileman • • 703-614-3265 • Position Category Descriptions: • Certification Standards: • Waiver and Fulfillment Forms: • DON DAWIA Operating Guide:

  16. Questions?