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total productive maintenance and maintenance management http www managementsupport com n.
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All out Gainful Support and Upkeep Administration managementsupport PowerPoint Presentation
All out Gainful Support and Upkeep Administration managementsupport

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All out Gainful Support and Upkeep Administration managementsupport

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  1. Total Productive Maintenanceand Maintenance Management

  2. Outline • What is Total Productive Maintenance • Origins of TPM • TPM Principles • Components of TPM • Autonomous Maintenance • Planned Maintenance • Equipment & Process Improvement • Early Management of New Equipment • Process Quality Management • TPM in the Office • Implementing TPM • TPM Benefits • Maintenance Management & Strategy

  3. What is TPM • A company-wide team-based effort to build quality into equipment and to improve overall equipment effectiveness • Total • all employees are involved • it aims to eliminate all accidents, defects and breakdowns • Productive • actions are performed while production goes on • troubles for production are minimized • Maintenance • keep in good condition • repair, clean, lubricate

  4. Autonomous Maintenance • 7 steps are implemented to progressively increase operators knowledge, participation and responsibility for their equipment • 1. Perform initial cleaning and inspection • 2. Countermeasures for the causes and effects of dirt and dust • 3. Establish cleaning and lubrication standards • 4. Conduct general inspection training • 5. Carry out equipment inspection checks • 6. Workplace management and control • 7. Continuous improvement

  5. Early Management of New Equipment • Objective: establish systems to shorten • new product or equipment development • start-up, commissioning and stabilization time for quality and efficiency • New equipment needs to be: • easy to operate • easy to clean • easy to maintain and reliable • have quick set-up times • operate at the lowest life cycle cost

  6. 7: Develop Equipment Management Program • The tools of Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement are applied to the management and improvement of equipment • Form project teams • Select model equipment • identify equipment problems • analyze equipment problems • develop solutions and proposals for improvement

  7. The Strategic Importance of Maintenance and Reliability • Failure has far reaching effects on a firm’s • operation • reputation • profitability • customers • product • employees • profits

  8. Tactics for Reliability and Maintenance • Reliability Tactics • improving individual components • providing redundancy • Maintenance Tactics • implementing preventive maintenance • increasing repair capabilities

  9. Organizing the Maintenance Function • Centralized maintenance department • Does all maintenance (PM & breakdown) • Decentralized maintenance department • Useful if different equipment used in different areas of company • Contract maintenance • Used if little equipment or expertise • Operator ownership approach

  10. Increasing Repair Capabilities:Features of A Good Maintenance Facility • Well-trained personnel • Adequate resources • Ability to establish a repair plan and priorities • Ability and authority to do material planning • Ability to identify the cause of breakdowns • Ability to design ways to extend MTBF