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Unified Product offerings

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Unified Product offerings

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  1. Allied Product Lines Click to start presentation and advance slides. 86-591 08/2009

  2. World’s leading winch manufacturer for dozers & skidders. Widest product range. Mount to skidders and dozers from 70-500 HP. Offer both PTO & Hydraulic winches. Over 70 Years of experience building winches. Allied Winches

  3. Have been building winches since 1929 under “Hyster” name. Acquired Hyster winches in 1990. Long History in Winches

  4. Logging Winch with Arch Typical Applications

  5. Logging Winch on Wheel Skidder Typical Applications

  6. Construction/ Military Typical Applications

  7. Recovery (Optional Fairlead shown) Typical Applications

  8. Pipeline Typical Applications

  9. Winch Models • Models cover 70-500 HP tractors, widest range in the industry. • Offer both PTO and Hydraulic winches

  10. PTO and Hydraulic Winches PTO & Hydraulic winches share maximum parts commonality Allied Hydraulic Winch Allied PTO winch

  11. PTO Winch Features • Simple “Plug and Play” Installation. Just connect PTO and bolt winch to tractor. No need for special winch option on tractor. • SCH (Self Contained Hydraulics). No exposed hydraulic lines.

  12. PTO Winch Features • Optional Electronic Control for precision. • Oil Clutch, Oil Brake • Eliminates adjustment • Runs cooler • Provides longer life • Allows winching on-the-go

  13. PTO Winch Features • Widest model range in industry. For tractors from 70 to 500+ HP. • Same PTO winch can be installed on dozers and pipelayers.

  14. Hydraulic Winch Features • Developed from well-proven PTO winches. Share same drum, frame & gears. • A true bulldozer winch. Not adapted from crane or fishing boat winch.

  15. Hydraulic Winch Features • Simple “Plug and Play” Installation. Just attach the hoses and bolt the winch to the tractor. • Powered by tractor auxiliary pump or ripper hydraulics. • Motor turns only on demand. Less wear and tear, quiet operation. • Finger tip precision control. Line speeds as fine as 0.5 ft/min.

  16. Customer Benefits • Strong box-section side frames for side pulls. • Large covers for easy service access • Generous Angle of Departure to allow dozer to drive uphill without the winch frame scraping the ground. Angle of departure

  17. Product Support • E-Commerce, 24/7 support • On-line downloadable manuals • Order & track parts shipments online • World-class parts support • 98% same day fill rate • Order received by 3 PM Pacific time shipped same day. Arrives at your office by 10 AM next day in the US.

  18. Contact us Allied Systems Company Tel: 503-625-2560 Fax: 503-625-7269 Email: marketing@alliedsystems.com Website: http://www.alliedsystems.com