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NEWS Organization

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  1. NEWS AGENCY Please press the Spacebar or the enter key to make it go to the next slide

  2. TREND Company includes the following agencies • TrendNewsspecializes in domestic and foreign political situation in Azerbaijan, a course of settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, cultural news, news of religion, education, environment and health. The events in the South Caucasus, Central Asia, Turkey and the Middle East are fully highlighted. The agency has many correspondents abroad • Trend Capitalspecializes in detailed descriptions of Azerbaijani oil companies and other Caspian countries, South Caucasus and Central Asia, the banking activity in these regions, macroeconomic trends, news of transport, development of IT Sector in Azerbaijan, markets, insurance and real estate. The agency has a large information database • Trend Lifeis an online entertainment resource. Trend Life is a popular source of entertainment news recognized and respected in the world of Azerbaijani show business. Resource publishes more than 100 articles daily • Trend Multimediaplaces photographs, reflecting the latest news of politics, economy, sports and culture in the Caspian region

  3. Online access to all TREND NA news • When you subscribe to this service, the sales department will provide you with a login and a password, which will give you around the clock direct access to all news published by TREND NA. • Daily Bulletin of socio-political news • Language: Azeri, Russian, English, Persian, ArabicAmount: up to 100 messages per daySchedule for sending messages: daily at 03:00 p.m., 06:30 p.m. and 09:00 p.m. (Baku time) • Daily economic news bulletin • Language: Azeri, Russian, English, Persian, ArabicAmount: up to 100 messages per daySchedule for sending messages: daily at 03:00 p.m., 06:30 p.m. and 09:00 p.m. (Baku time) TRENDgives flexible access to its production • Subscription for TREND news is PAID • You can apply to the sales department concerning subscription • for agency's news and placing advertisement

  4. Trend Oil & Gas Information overview on the oil and gas markets in Azerbaijan and other Caspian Sea countries, the Caucasus and Central Asia • YOU CAN READ IN EACH PUBLICATION: • Key events in the oil and gas sectors • Figures for oil production and export, production and sale of oil products, extraction and transportation of gas, the consumption of lubricants on the domestic market, data on port shipments, transport statistics • Drilling conducted on onshore and offshore deposits by state and foreign oil companies: current data and plans • Pipeline transport: draft “South Corridor”, including Nabucco, comments and views of the world's leading analysts • SOCAR news, comments and statements by senior representatives of the company • Language: Russian, English • Size: 80-100 articles in numberThe number of pages: 50-60 Issue Schedule: Twice a month

  5. Trend Transport Informational overview of the transport sector of the Caspian region • YOU CAN READ IN EACH PUBLICATION: • Data on cargo transportation by rail and road transport, shipping from seaports, transport statistics • Joint projects with international financial institutions for infrastructure development in the region • Comments of experts • Ways and roads construction: current status and projects • Language: Russian, EnglishSize: 30-40 articles in numberThe number of pages: 18-20 Issue Schedule: Twice a month

  6. Trend Finances Informative overview of the financial sector • YOU CAN READ IN EACH PUBLICATION: • Overview of Azerbaijani macroeconomics • Equity market development • Banking sector news • Taxes • The insurance market • In some sections of the edition you will find information on markets of Georgia, Turkmenistan, • Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan • Language: Russian, EnglishSize: 35-45 articles in numberThe number of pages: 40-60 Issue Schedule: Twice a month

  7. Trend Monthly Review Specialized monthly review of major events in the economy of Azerbaijan • YOU CAN READ IN EACH PUBLICATION: • General economic situation in Azerbaijan • Price and state of the consumer market • Oil and gas market • Investments • Transport, telecommunications • Agriculture • Money-and-credit sector • Foreign trade • State budget • Construction sector • Social sector • Enclosure with Azerbaijan’s foreign trade data • Language: Russian, EnglishSize: 13 chapters and a political digest per week The number of pages: 50-60Issue Schedule: Monthly

  8. Trend Weekly Review Specialized weekly review of major economic and political events in Azerbaijan • YOU CAN READ IN EACH PUBLICATION: • Time history of economy segments (oil market and money-market) • economic viewpoint of the week • Political digest of the week • Analytical articles • Language: Russian, EnglishSize: 5-6 chapters and a political digest per week The number of pages: 20-30Issue Schedule: every Tuesday

  9. Iran Economy Review Information review of Iran’s macroeconomics (the issue is prepared jointly with the Iranian news agency MEHR) • YOU CAN READ IN EACH PUBLICATION: • Major developments in Iran's oil and gas sector, including data on production of oil products, construction of new refineries, investment in the gas fields’ development • Macroeconomic indicators, including GDP and inflation in Iran, short term forecasts • Iran’s foreign economic activity, local entrepreneurship • Information on transport of goods, development of transport infrastructure • Situation in Iran’s banking sector • Language: EnglishSize: 55-65 articles in numberThe number of pages: 25-35 Issue Schedule: Twice a month

  10. News sale via mobile phone TREND has introduced a system for selling products via a mobile phone for the convenience of its users who need urgent access to the agency’s news. If you are not subscribed to TREND and want to read the enclosed information on , you could click on an article to choose your mobile operator's country from the list and send a PAID SMS to the specified number. Shortly after, you will receive a SMS with a password to access your news. The password will be activated within several minutes. Enter the password in the appropriate field and click "Continue" to receive access to clicked article. The password will allow access only to the selected article and is not valid for other closed articles. It should be noted that the service will allow clients to read the closed articles in nearly 60 countries worldwide.

  11. Trend Photo is a convenient platform to purchase photos The TREND Multimedia Agency publishes and sells photos. Trend Multimedia has years of experience working with leading world media The themes of Trend Multimedia stories include political events, public and political figures, economy, culture, show business, education and architecture. Trend Multimedia offers high quality photos and can provide the materials in any format: via an e-mail, on CD / DVD, or hard copy

  12. Portal www.Trend.Az is an effective banner area You can place banners on our site in the following formats: Top portal – 840x85 Top banner – 275x85 Vertical banner - 120x200 Horizontal banner - 468x60 It’s possible to place your ad on the Trend homepage and/or other pages of your choice The price of banner design is included in the rental fee Your banner advertising - fast and straightforward: Send us your banner per E-Mail, tell us on which page you'd like it to appear, and your ad can be online within two working days!

  13. The number of visitors to www.Trend.Az web site is increasing continuously Dynamics of web site visits for 2009 (Source: Рейтинг Visitors (thousands) Date December554,208 November 508,515 October470,817 September 401,870 August 332,788 July470,278 June502,108 May 302,910 April 289,766 March243,063 February264,499 January 270,676 Month More than 4.6 million visitors visited 2009 year, with an average monthly audience of 380,000

  14. ISO 9001-2000 Moody's International has certified TREND's news and photo production and dissemination The company recognized the Trend management system as meeting ISO 9001-2000standards - an internationally recognized certificate from Moody's International. The certificate clearly shows the high-level quality system at TREND in its commercial activity

  15. 1995 - 2010 Today TREND is an authoritative news provider in the Caspian region, the Caucasus and Central Asia   • TRENDwas named the "Best Company in Media" in Azerbaijan in 2006-2007 • The Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio recognized TREND as the most "Dynamically Developing Resource in Eurasia" in 2008 • Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin awarded TRENDa certificate from his government for its significant contribution to preserving the Russian language and culture, to developing a single Russian-speaking space, and maintaining and strengthening humanitarian ties in 2009 • TREND was also awarded the Progress award in 2009, which was established by the Russian Embassy in Azerbaijan, the Russian Trade Mission in Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan-Russia Chamber of Business Cooperation, for its "Significant Contribution to Forming a Common Information Space in the Eurasian Region and Developing Azerbaijani-Russian Relations”

  16. Trend Information Partners: Access to TREND materials is provided through large UK, U.S, French and Russian information databases

  17. Tel: (994 12) 497 31 72; 510 81 03 Fax: (994 12) 497 30 89 E-mail: TREND NEWS E-mail: TREND CAPITAL E-mail: TREND LIFE E-mail: Marketing Department: E-mail: TREND NEWS AGENCY 14 F.Aghayev str., Baku, Azerbaijan,AZ 1141 www.Trend.Az CONTACTS PLEASE CONTACT SALES DEPARTMENTTO SUBSCRIBE, PURCHASE PHOTOS OR ADVERTISE: Elena Merkulova – International Sales and Marketing Manager Тел: (99412) 4973172 (ext.164) ; (99455) 665 45 66; E-mail: Khadija Jamalzade – Local Sales Manager Тел: (99412) 497 31 72 (ext.128) ; (99450) 755 50 48; E-mail: SevinjAbbasova - Local Sales Manager Тел: (99412) 497 31 72(ext.306); (99450) 327 05 66; E-mail: