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  1. PHOTOGRAPHY - Robert KLANČAR, engineer - Urban CESAR, student Design and text Vesna ARH, German teacher Lidija LAVTAR, English teacher INFORMATION:: (386) 41 234 527 AUTHORS:

  2. BOHINJ It is a basin in Slovenia. SLOVENIA a country on the sunny side of the Alps a member of the European Union since 2004 Slovene flag Slovene coat of arms

  3. Triglav (2,864 m) on top of Triglav Upper Carniola (GORENJSKA) * This region is situated in the north-western part of Slovenia. "Four courageous men" were the first to climb Triglav in 1778. Its image is presented on the Slovene coat of arms. * It is an alpine region closely connected to Mount Triglav, the highest mountain of Slovenia and its national symbol. Dressed like that, the people of Bohinj climbed mountains hundred years ago. national costume from Upper Carniola "statue in Ribčev Laz" near Lake Bohinj

  4. the Municipality of BOHINJ Upper Carniola The people of Bohinj occupied themselves with agriculture at first. is situated on the outskirts of the Julian Alps. situated in the Julian Alps in Upper Carniola France Prešeren was one of the greatest Slovene poets who wrote the anthem of Slovenia called "A Toast" (Zdravljica). The traditional centre of Upper Carniola is Kranj, also called Prešeren´s town. population: approx. 5,000 area: 333.7 km 2 Tourism in this valley began to flourish when the railway line between Jesenice and Trieste was established in 1906. coat of arms

  5. Goldhorn (Zlatorog) is watching the lake. LAKE BOHINJ length: 4,300 m width: 1,100 m LAKE BOHINJ The lake can get as warm as 23°C in summertime. the lake in wintertime There are possibilities of swimming, BOHINJ walking around the lake biking It is 523 m above sea level. There is St. John´s Church beside the lake. It is an alpine basin The lake gets as deep as 44.5 m. boating or canoeing with a beautiful lake. fishing the lake in autumn time "at night" and in spring "getting dark ..."

  6. Lake Bohinj, brooks and the Sava River are the kingdom of brook and lake trouts (Salvelinus Fontinalis, Salvelinus Namaycush), grayling (Thymallus Thymallus), Danube salmon (Hucho Hucho), chub (Leuciscus Cephalus) and Arctic char (Salvelinus Alpinus). "spring of the waterfall when there is no water" Bohinj offers many natural beauties. the Mostnica brook and the shape of an elephant "the Savica waterfall" "the Grmečica waterfall" "the Vodice waterfall" lake "Ledvička" "the Studenci brook" Mount Triglav Lakes Valley "the Govic waterfall"