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ThinManager Stage 4

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ThinManager Stage 4

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  1. ThinManager Platform 4

  2. ThinManager Evolution - Configuration Era Terminal Services Thin Client configuration, enabling, client replacement and failover technology.

  3. ThinManager Evolution - Management Era Added Management features (shadowing), server side functionality and the MultiSession concept.

  4. ThinManager Evolution - Integrated Era Extended to provide out of the box solutions for common user needs like security, user context, multiple monitors and enhanced support for MultiSession visualization. Expanded the definition of “Application Groups” to include non-terminal server session types.

  5. ThinManager Evolution - Platform Era Consolidated core functionality to provide a Platform Computing Solution for Industrial Systems encompassing support for Windows computing via terminal services, remote terminal shadowing, IP video cameras and remote Virtual Machine clients.

  6. ThinManager Platform 4 Technology

  7. Display Servers • Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Servers) • ThinManager Ready Terminals • IP Cameras • VMWare or Xen Servers (Spring 2010)

  8. Display Servers, Display Clients and Displays Terminal Server Display Server: Terminal Servers Shadow Display Server: ThinManager-Ready terminals Display Display Display Display TS SESSION TS SESSION TS SESSION SHDW SHDW Display SHDW Display Video Display Server: IP Cameras VM Display Server VMware Server Display Display Display THREAD THREAD VIRTUAL MACHINE THREAD VIRTUAL MACHINE Display Display

  9. Display Linkage to Owner Terminal Server Display Server: Terminal Servers Display Virtual Display Display Virtual Display Virtual Display TS SESSION TS SESSION TS SESSION VNC VNC Display VNC Shadow Display Server: ThinManager-Ready terminals Virtual Display Virtual Display Display Display Display

  10. Display Layout Layout Display Layout Display Layout Display Layout Display Virtual Display Layout Display Virtual Display Virtual Display Virtual Display Virtual Display Virtual Display

  11. Review Display Clients • Types • Terminal Server Sessions • Terminal Shadow Server threads • IP Camera threads (with P4) • VMWare Virtual Machines (Spring 2010) • Uni and Bi directional

  12. Review Displays • Represents the output of a Display Client • Owned by a terminal or user • Display Clients generate Display instances • Terminals render Display instances

  13. Display Client Definitions • ThinManager “Application Groups” become “Display Client Definitions” • Apply a Display Client Definition to a terminal or user to create a linkage • One Definition can link to more than one terminal or user • Once the linkage is active the source generates the display and it is transferred to the terminal destination to be rendered • The Display at the terminal is rendered to the screen(s) using the Display Layout

  14. Display Layout Options • Display Selection – keyboard key combination, screen edge, drop down selector • Display Tiling – 2 to 25 Displays • MultiMonitor – Display spanning, screening & moving • MultiSession Screen Saver – Display cycling • IP Camera Overlays – part of Display Client definitions • Integrate In with ActiveX Component – for Application Interaction

  15. ThinManager’s Role • Configuration and Management • Terminals • Users • Display Servers • Display Clients and their definitions • Linkages • Display layouts

  16. Target Systems • Terminal based Computing • Terminals static to location and local operator • Terminals own and present Displays • User based Computing • supporting user access to Displays requisite to job function from any terminal • Users own Displays and authenticate to terminals to render Displays

  17. Example Target Applications • Terminal • HMI • Historical trending • Time and Attendance • User • Maintenance Management • Supply Management • Shift Supervisory

  18. Example Terminal based application • Control Room • Plant Surveillance • Remote user support • Layout Options • Large Screen with Tiling • MultiMonitor with Spanning and Screening • MultiSession Screen Saver • Share Keyboard and Mouse

  19. Demonstration

  20. Demonstration System Display Servers Terminal Server Display Servers: Shadow Display Servers: ThinManager-Ready terminals Primary Secondary control_room multi_monitor Video Display Servers: IP Cameras camera_left camera_right plant_floor camera_watts

  21. Demonstration System Physical Layout control_room multi_monitor plant_floor Primary Secondary

  22. Terminal Services Display Client Definition Primary Secondary

  23. MultiMonitor

  24. MultiMonitor Spanning Single client / three monitors / single session (mm primary) (up to 4096 x 2048 total) Primary Secondary (Special hardware with 5 vga ports)

  25. MultiMonitor Screening Single client / multi-monitor / MultiSession (unused screens show TM logo) Primary Secondary (Special hardware with 5 vga ports)

  26. MultiMonitor specifications • Up to five monitors at 1600 x 1200 each (Spanning limited to 4096x2048) • Touch screens are supported • Shadowing works • Windows maximize function applies across entire spanned areas • Display selector dropdown position configurable for spanned monitors • Display selector and informational messages can appear on all screens

  27. Display Mobility • Displays movable between screens using dropdown selector • mobility is configurable • mobility only available between Screens with equivalent resolutions • anchoring locks a Display to a screen • protection keeps other Displays from moving to the protected screen

  28. IP Cameras

  29. Camera Overlays • Target • Camera Canvas • Non-Camera Display Client • Size and Location • Scaling • Cropping

  30. IP Camera Display Client Definition Display Client Definition Camera Canvas fullscreen image overlay image

  31. IP Camera Display Client Definition Primary Secondary

  32. Custom Overlay Display Client Definition Camera Canvas custom size and location image overlay image

  33. Tiled Overlays Display Client Definition Camera Canvas overlay image 2 cameras 2 overlays 2x1 overlay image

  34. Display Client with Custom Overlay Display Client Definition Display Client image overlay image

  35. Cropping center out cropped result overlay overlay

  36. Scaling (no cropping required) scaled result overlay

  37. Scaling and cropping Scaled and cropped result in green overlay

  38. No Scaling unscaled result overlay

  39. Additional Camera Features • Camera Connect • Tab within ThinManager • Used for camera configuration • Multiple camera overlay and select • Camera cycling in overlay

  40. Terminal Shadow Display Client Definition Primary Secondary

  41. Adding Users

  42. Secure Access Manages user access to Displays from terminals through authentication and permission groups.

  43. Smart Context Supports transition of user’s Displays between multiple ThinManager Ready thin clients; initiated by automated or manual authentication.

  44. Security • Authentication – TermSecure Login • Permissions apply to users, terminals and Display Client Definitions to control operator access to terminals and Displays

  45. Users • Configured in ThinManager and visible in tree • ID and password protected • Access controlled through terminal and Display Client permissions • Enabling and disabling of login can be scheduled • Users own Displays

  46. Terminal & Display Permissions • List of named permission groups whose members may access a terminal or Display • Can also be none, all users or unrestricted† † unrestricted does not require a login

  47. User Permissions • List of named permission groups to which a user belongs • Where a user and terminal are both in a named permission group the user may use the terminal • Where a user and Display Client Definition are both in a named permission group the Display may be accessed and viewed by a user

  48. TermSecure™added features • Automated or Manual log on • Prox Card, WaveTrend, USB Flash Key • Automated card ID creation • Virtual keyboard for manual login • Active screen grabbing

  49. TermSecure™Key Security features • Password strength management • NT Password obfuscation • Something you have plus something you know • Inactivity time log off

  50. TermSecure Demo