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  1. The Olympic View Library CHRISTMAS BOOKS Available to be checked-out

  2. One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all…Three times Della counted it. And the next day would be Christmas. Della cut her beautiful hair to sell it to buy her husband a Christmas present. Husband David sold all he had to buy Della ‘combs’ for her most prized possession, her beautiful hair. The Gift of the Magiand Other Storiesby O.Henry

  3. The holiday season is here at last! This year, holiday time is bittersweet. Luke, Will’s dog, is missing. Greatgran is getting older, and she’s forgetting things. Yet, through these changes, young Will gains the chance to discover the true magic of Christmas for himself. Just in Time for Christmasby Louise Borden

  4. Christmas 1855. A black slave and a white southerner work toward a mutual goal…escape via the Underground Railroad. A story of kindness and freedom for slaves..held in bondage in the South. A Different Kind of Christmasby Alex Haley

  5. It’s Christmastime -1900, on the western plains of America. The young widow Rose is expecting a baby and caring for her sickly son Tom. Needing medicine for Tom, she trusts her ranch to a stranger, and leaves for the nearby town of Calico. Her ride into town begins just as a blizzard approaches. Rose, seeking the medicine, is determined to find the good in all the townsfolk she meets along the way. Christmas in Calicoby Jack Curtis

  6. When Katherine Dornan’s husband Tom, is diagnosed with leukemia, she and their 2 young sons travel with him to New York for a lifesaving operation. The mother’s wallet is stolen, containing a St. Christopher medal which Brian believes will save his Father’s life. He follows the thief into the subway and the adventure begins. Silent Nightby Mary Higgins Clark

  7. A man driving to see his dying father, picks up a hitchhiker who attempts to rob him. A proud and lonely widow is befriended by a boy trying to earn a star for his church group. In Communist China, a widow and a night watchman secretly bond while reading the Christmas story together A Midnight Clearby Katherine Paterson

  8. This collection of Christmas stories remind us that Christmas can last for more than one day…that the spirit and magic of the season can thrive all the time. Peace, love, and goodwill are not seasonal..but should be practiced all the months of the year Seven Stories of Christmas Loveby Leo Buscaglia

  9. Vicky Austin thinks the 24 days before Christmas are the most wonderful days of the year. Vicky, brother John, and sister Suzy do something special every day to celebrate. What happens if the new baby comes during Christmas? The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmasby Madeleine L’Engle

  10. From decking the halls to gathering around a beautiful table for Christmas dinner.. 250 recipes and ideas, both traditional and modern for your holiday feast. Cookies Feasts Cakes Warm drinks Candy Desserts Betty Crocker’s Best Christmasby Betty Crocker

  11. In those days…Christmas was as colorful as old Russia itself. It was a happy, festive time when people decorated Christmas trees, feasted, exchanged gifts, and enjoyed the company of friends and family. Christmas in Russiafrom World Book

  12. Living at the old folks home, Chris Cringle, who just happens to look like you know who….. Deer at the Central Park Zoo eat from his hand. The children who come to see him at Macy’s certainly believe. Chris is taken to court for truly believing he IS Santa… Miracle on 34th Streetby Valentine Davies

  13. Christmas on the Plantation..1859 The “big house” is decorated, the food is good, and Christmas beauty at every turn… In the harsh, cramped slave quarters there is eating , singing, and dancing too! Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quartersby Patricia C. McKissack

  14. Mean, miserly, and old Ebenezer Scrooge doesn’t understand the real meaning of Christmas at all! 3 ghosts appear to him during the night of Christmas Eve and teach him the real, true meaning of Christmas. A Christmas Carolby Charles Dickens

  15. The Olympic View Library • Visit the library soon and check out these and more Christmas books. • Merry Christmas!