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Imperative Occasions for Individuals! PowerPoint Presentation
Imperative Occasions for Individuals!

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Imperative Occasions for Individuals!

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  1. Important Events for Members!

  2. Delegate Orientation Mandatory for Society Business Meeting Delegate Thursday 5 – 5:50pm Worried that you might derail trying to keep up with the Business Meeting? Change tracks because your first destination is the Delegate Orientation. Before you leave the station, you will learn the ins and outs of the Business Meeting—soon we will be calling you the Conductor! Destination: Delegate Orientation

  3. First Timers’ Session For all first-time conference attendees Thursday 6:45 – 7:15pm First time at Convo? Before you taxi down the runway and jet off to different destinations, stop by the First Timers’ Session. We will provide you with tips to keep on your radar screen that will help you get the most out of Convo. Destination: First Timers’ Session

  4. Welcome Reception For all attendees Thursday 7:30 – 10pm Refuel and re-energize at the Welcome Reception! You can turn the radio down at this one; Jerry Mills, internationally acclaimed educator, singer/songwriter, and motivational trainer, will entertain you with an unforgettable experience of sight, sound, song, and emotion as he delves into the stressful, confusing, and complex world of today’s youth. Destination: Welcome Reception

  5. Opening Session For all attendees Friday 8 – 9:30am Think you have what it takes to be in the Winner’s Circle? Come to the Opening Session and find out! The Opening Session will get your engines running for Convo and inspire your commitment to Kappa Delta Pi! Reaffirm your commitment to Kappa Delta Pi during the Reaffirmation Ceremony and cheer on your fellow Kadelpians as the ACE and other awards are presented! Destination: Opening Session

  6. Society Business Meeting Mandatory for all delegates and alternates Saturday 10 – 12pm This is your chance to be the pilot and fly our Society on the correct path! The Society Business Meeting will give you the opportunity to vote on pressing matters and provide you with noteworthy updates. Don’t forget to have someone from your chapter register as the delegate! Destination: Society Business Meeting

  7. Passport to Chapter Success For all attendees Friday 3 – 4:30pm Get ready to explore all new worlds at Passport to Chapter Success. No real passports needed, just your desire to be inspired! Passport to Chapter Success will provide you with different ideas and a different route for your chapter. Pick up ideas for activities and projects that you can take back to your chapter as souvenirs! Destination: Passport to Chapter Success

  8. RegionalMeeting For all attendees Friday 5 – 6:30pm Shift into overdrive at the Regional Meeting. Have the chance to carpool with other chapter officers, members, and counselors and share your ideas and concerns. Your Regional Chapter Coordinator will serve as your chauffer to make sure you end up at your destination! Destination: Regional Meeting

  9. Officer Roundtables For all chapter officers Saturday 8:30 - 10:20am Trying to get into the winners circle? If you are, you should stop at the Officer Roundtables. Veteran officers and ACE winners will be your pit crew to help you get on the right track. They will be available to answer questions, help brainstorm solutions, and provide hints on working smarter, not harder. RSVP is required. Destination: Officer Roundtables

  10. Keynote Speaker For all attendees Saturday 10:30 – 12pm Think your ride’s fast? It’s nothing compared to Barbara Morgan’s ride!This KDP member was NASA’s first professional educator astronaut on the space shuttle Endeavor. Her mission, as always, is education, and she will share her life’s passion at Convo 2009. Destination: Keynote Speaker

  11. Closing Banquet For all attendees Saturday 6 – 8:30pm It’s time to start cooling down the jets to come in for a landing. At the Closing Banquet, National Teacher of the Year Anthony Mullen will share stories about his efforts to transform the fractured lives of young people in crisis. Anthony is a 9–12 special education teacher from Greenwich, Connecticut. Also, the Ace of the ACE chapter will be crowned in the winner’s circle! Destination: Closing Banquet

  12. Masquerade Ball For all attendees Saturday 8:30 – 10:30pm Your final descent will be at the Masquerade Ball. Bring your masks and enjoy the evening dancing and socializing with fellow Kadelpians. You will want to keep your eyes on the sky because you will never know where your next destination will be! Destination: Masquerade Ball

  13. Convo Workshops Workshops are 50 minutes each Thursday –Saturday So, what do you do with all of the time between the events? You attend workshops! Your fellow Kadelpians will be presenting over 150 different workshops related to Wellness, Working Together, and Great Teaching. Your biggest challenge will be deciding which ones to attend! Destination: Workshops

  14. Additional Information Questions? Questions? More information about Convo can be found at Destination Inspiration Don’t forget to register before October 9th! Specific questions about Convo? E-mail Headquarters or contact your Regional Chapter Coordinator! Destination Inspiration Convocation 2009