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Business Letter Organization

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Business Letter Organization

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  1. Business Letter Format Modified or Block Layout Use Mouse Click to transition to next slide

  2. There are six major parts. • Date • Main Address • Salutation • Body of the Letter • Complimentary Close • Writer’s Typed Name

  3. Date The month of the year should be written out, followed by the day and the year. Here is an example: January 1, 2004

  4. The Main Address The main address is who is receiving the letter. An example would be: Mrs. Jane Doe Box 195 Somewhere, NC 28543

  5. The Salutation The Salutation is the greeting of the letter. An example would be: Dear Mrs. Doe: or To Whom It May Concern:

  6. The Body The Body of the Letter refers to what is actually written in the letter. In block format all paragraphs should begin at the left margin. In modified format, the paragraphs may be indented or blocked, but you must be consistent throughout the letter.

  7. The Complimentary Close The Complimentary Close is the closing of the letter. It may take several different forms depending on how well you know the receiver of the letter. Some examples would be: • Sincerely, • Cordially,

  8. The Writer’s Typed Name The writer’s typed name is placed four lines below the complimentary close. The space between the complimentary close and the writer’s typed name is called the signature block. The writer should sign their name here. Here is an example: Sincerely, John Doe Mr. John Doe

  9. SIXMAJORPARTS Date Main Address Salutation Business Format Block Style Body Complimentary Close Writers Typed Name

  10. SIX MAJOR PARTS Business Format Modified Block DATE Main Address Salutation Body Complimentary Close Writers Typed Name