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Nuovo servizio di arricchimento di OPAC PowerPoint Presentation
Nuovo servizio di arricchimento di OPAC

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Nuovo servizio di arricchimento di OPAC

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  1. Nuovo servizio di arricchimento di OPAC

  2. CATALOGUE ENRICHMENT • OPACs are now much more than just catalogues • Thanks to the internet, library users expect and respond well to visual information • Libraries wish to maximise usage of all resources and provide services that users truly appreciate • Challenge is to ensure that OPACs are used to their full potential and are not overlooked

  3. SYNDETIC SOLUTIONS • Syndetic Solutions founded in 1998 • Company acquired by Bowker in 2004 • Now integrated with Bowker’s bibliographic datastream – increasing UK and international content • Neutral solution – compatible with most ILS systems • Over 2,000 customers worldwide

  4. AN OPAC ENRICHMENT SERVICE allowing libraries to present their online catalogue to users in a more informative and interesting way Link to cover images and a variety of data elements relating to more than 2.6 million books published since 1985 • 1.6 million jacket images plus 35,000 Video and DVD covers • 70,000 First Chapters / Excerpts • 1.4 million Summaries • 660,000 Tables of Contents • 700,000 Reviews from various sources • 114,000 Author notes • 97,000 Awards • 4,600 Books In a Series

  5. SYNDETIC SOLUTIONS IS A HOSTED SERVICE • All enrichment content resides on our secured servers • Data is delivered directly to the OPAC through automatic links provided by the ISBNs within your local MARC records • Data is accessed and displayed in a variety of ways depending on your local system and integration preferences - through activation links placed on your full record displays or search results lists - via HTML "pop-up" windows - or the data can be directly integrated into your record display using XML • For library systems without these automatic links, Syndetics can add URL links to your MARC records

  6. COVER IMAGES Over 1,600,000 full-colour cover images for books, videos, & DVDs More than 10,000 new images are added each week

  7. FIRST CHAPTERS & EXCERPTS • More than 70,000 First Chapters and Excerpts from prominently reviewed new titles • Approximately 2,000 new chapters added each month • Chapters supplied to Syndetic Solutions from Dial-A-Book and from selected publishers • Approximately 300 new excerpts (poems, recipes, forwards, prefaces, etc.) added each month

  8. SUMMARIES & ANNOTATIONS • More than 1,400,000 Summaries / Annotations • Derived from book jackets, edited publisher copy, or independently written annotations from Book News, Inc. • Covering fiction, non-fiction, and both trade and scholarly titles • Approximately 5,000 added each week

  9. TABLES OF CONTENTS • Over 660,000 Tables of Contents linking to around 1 million ISBNs • Approximately 1,600 TOCs are added to the database each week

  10. BOOK REVIEWS • Over 700,000 book reviews from various sources


  12. AWARDS • Awards that a title has either won or been nominated for • Information about award is displayed along with the list of other titles that have won that award • Tracks 400 of the industry’s leading awards that currently link to over 97,000 titles

  13. BOOKS IN A SERIES • Each fiction title within a series displayed in reading order • 4,600 new and existing series

  14. SEARCH FOR SIMILAR TITLES • Click on any combination of headings within a Fiction Profile and retrieve a list of titles with those same attributes • Library user can then view the shelf status within the library • Over 140,000 Fiction Profiles • 400 new novels added each month

  15. COMING SOON!... • TOCSearch • Increased video and music content • Italian content • German / French / Scandinavian content • Increased Spanish content • Serials content • Reviews • Covers • TOCs • Summaries

  16. IMPLEMENTATION & BENEFITS • Set up is fast and straightforward with no ongoing maintenance • Select as many data elements as you wish • Subscription model means you have an increasing match rate throughout the year (new books in your collection and new content added to our database is automatically linked together) • Library users click to access our content directly from your OPAC or via your OpenURL Link Resolver • Relevant content delivered directly to your OPAC in real time • Large and growing database of rich data which is updated weekly


  18. SOME EXAMPLES… • Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain: - Search for "Has Feminism Changed Science" or "Handbook of Creativity" or "Oliver Twist" or "The Truly Needy and Other Stories" and select "Recursos Relacionats" to see examples of what Syndetics provides • Universidad de Granada, Spain:*spi/ • Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain:*spi~ (e.g. search for “Feuds”) • Southern Adventist University, USA: (e.g. search for "The End of Poverty" 1594200459) • South Dakota University, USA: (e.g. search for "The Price of Citizenship" 0805069291) • Temple College, USA: (e.g. search for “Da Vinci Code”)

  19. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION… • Visit • Email • Please contact me to receive: • A quotation based on the size of your collection


  21. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION… • Visit • Email • Please contact me to receive: • A quotation based on the size of your collection • An ISBN match report


  23. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION… • Visit • Email • Please contact me to receive: • A quotation based on the size of your collection • An ISBN match report • Information on libraries who have already implemented the service • Free trial access for two weeks • Let Syndetic Solutions bring your OPAC to life!

  24. Nuovo servizio di arricchimento di OPAC

  25. GLOBAL BOOKS IN PRINT • Nearly 15 million titles • In print • Out of print • Forthcoming • Updated daily • 250,000 updates per week • More than 2 million book reviews • • Free trial access available